By Ngbaheir - 20/06/2015 02:36 - United Kingdom

Today, after weeks of my crazy girlfriend avoiding me because she knew I wanted to break up with her, I had no option but to do it by text. She told all my friends, who now think I'm a coward who isn't man enough to break up in person. They didn't even ask for my side of the story. FML
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Well of course they will jump to conclusions because it just looks bad. Just tell them what happened


#1 I have a feeling he can't if someone hates you they are going to ignore you, block you and other stuff. So he can't just explain himself

7, I get that but I meant explain himself to his friends. And anyway, if she's crazy, doesn't that seem like something the friends would've already known? Unless he kept it to himself. Dunno, but now I'm curious.

#8 I know that what you meant, but we do not know what his friends are like they could be listen him are just hate cowards.

Well, now I understand why you consider her crazy.

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Bull. BTW your profile should say "14 year old boy." Your pictures are stolen from **** sites. Next time don't steal pics that show up on a reverse image search, sad bastard.

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That's rude, petty, and immature.

No, we don't actually. The same amount of men act that way as women do, which is a very small percentage.

I like how fast he took his pictures down.

Why would a 14 year old boy name himself baby girl princess...

leogachi 15

So that he can troll guys into hitting on him? That's just my guess.

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Well of course they will jump to conclusions because it just looks bad. Just tell them what happened

Explain yourself and if that doesn't work at least you know for yourself who the real coward is.

Should of just shown up at her house. Sides that sounds like you need new friends.

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If they won't listen to your side of the story, then there not very good friends

# 25, good job for pointing something trivial out . That must make you intelligent right

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It may seem trivial, but it actually shows how ignorant most of the population is. Why are so many people not able to comprehend there, their, and they're?

they don't sound like real friends then. If they are your mutual friends then that's understandable but if they were your friends before she came into the picture then their loyalty and support should be for you. unless you seriously dogged her out which isn't the case.

# 24, I completely agree with this comment. I always hated it when people picked sides according to who they're friends with. True they should've heard op out though