ED much?

By Anonymous - 12/01/2011 01:04 - United States

Today, my step-mom asked if I was having some eating issues. I admitted that maybe I've picked up some bad habits from friends and school. Now she won't stop bombarding me with self-help books and therapy websites. FML
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Yes, and if you're depressed: just be happy. It doesn't work that way FYLDeep.


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AT LEAST SHE CARES ABOUT YOU. most step mothers are mean to their step kids.

And all he has to do is ignore the websites and return the books. This fml doesn't deserve being on here tbh.

That's a myth... Most step-moms are shafted by Disney's versions of step-moms, and they have to deal with that image a lot. Step-moms generally really do care for their step-kids. Even if they know they'll never replace their child's mother, they still consider them their children.

I know right? This FML should've just stopped at the eating disorder. After mom trying to help you, isn't it a LML?

Hell, my step-mom wouldn't even give a shit... FYL.

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Unless your parents are obsessed with you or deprive you from having a normal life, then no, there's no such thing as caring too much. I don't see a problem for OP. Maybe OP should tell her to calm down a bit, but as others have said, at least she cares.

hey candlejack, you forget your rope?

Agreed. It may be annoying, but she's trying to help. It's not really and FML

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Hey, be happy ppl care 4 u I was/am kinda still anorexic and I was in the hospital for like 2 weeks.

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Yes, and if you're depressed: just be happy. It doesn't work that way FYLDeep.

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Incorrect, if you're depressed you're supposed to chug on over to Mamby Pamby land where maybe we can find some self confidence for you, you jackwagon!

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Sure it does. I used to weigh 350lbs, but thanks to FYLDeep's one step program I am now a svelte 105! Thanks FYLDeep!

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105? Woah there, tubby. You should be in the 85-90 range. FACT! anyone who weighs more than 90 points is a pig.

uhm. . . Not /quiet/ that simple sorry.

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Honesty, it is that simple. It's all part of a simple equation of Calories consumed vs. Calories burned. Overthinking this stuff is how people get into trouble in the first place.

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am I allowed to recommend meth as a way to lose a few extra pounds?

Wow, people are so serious!! Quit thumbs downing funny comments!

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Clearly, number 6 was addressing you.

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I'm pretty sure they were addressing the OP. That's what this comment section is for.

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Talking to the OP. But this is pretty sound advice. Clears up most cases of "eating issues". Of course there are people with extreme eating issues. Like that one college student who ended up with scurvy. (Eat some God damn vitamin C already!) Then there's insane eating issues. Ever see that 2 girls 1 cup video? Those women need serious help. They seem to lack even a basic understanding of how the human digestive process is supposed to function.

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Im going to assume, based on the last sentence, that she thinks you have an eating disorder. What kind of friends do you have that would influence your eating habbits in such a way your mom would think something like that?

I think people over use the word "fat" there's a huge difference of being fat, and a little over weight. i get called fat all the time, and it really makes you think about anorexia. people just need to realize what theyre saying.

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Or you need to take everything with a grain of salt...Just Sayin

Bombard her with a list of self help books and therapy websites about OCD.