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Today, at my minimum wage job, we received a half-way decomposed dog found in a lake. It was my job to tear open the bag and try to identify the breed and color. It would've been easier if the body wasn't crawling with maggots. FML
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The job could be cleaning parks/recreational areas, not sure why you need to identify the dog though


Probably Forensic Pathology, deals with autopsies and classifying dead people/animals. Kinda like a doctor of the dead.

I doubt that would be minimum wage though...

Maybe it's an entry level position. Or a paid internship.

Some rubbish departments of councils freeze and catalogue dead animals for a period after they're found so owners can find them and bury them etc

I think op may work at an animal shelter/pound, the kind where strays are taken to. It's not uncommon at my local kill shelter for dogs to be brought in DOA to be identified and then cremated.

What type of job is this? I've never heard of this type of thing being required.

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That's definitely not worth only making minimum wage..your job sucks.

The job could be cleaning parks/recreational areas, not sure why you need to identify the dog though

Probably to see if it matches the description of any dogs reported missing in the area.

Because when people lose their dogs they usually like to have some closure so they can stop searching and grieve

I suppose that if it was in a bag someone did it on purpose, so they might think they can track somebody responsible for it. I think.

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I figured it was put in a bag by whoever recovered the dog and sent it to the OP's work place. I wouldn't just send a dead dog covered in maggots without some sort of packaging.

51 you would be surprised how many people try to get rid of pets by putting them in a bad and dumping them there, it's very sad and painful for the animal but somehow some humans possess the cruelty to do it :(

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I think it's time you asked for a raise

Animal services, maybe? To help identify lost or abused animals

Animal services would probably pay nicely though for having to deal with so many animals, maybe not but that's what I'm thinking

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Definitely not. Especially if it's a government animal control facility. Either way, animal rescue workers get paid shit, if at all.

OMG wow I had to do something similar once while volunteering at a vet clinic. Good luck with your job. poor dog :(

...where the hell do you work that that's even REMOTELY implied in your job description?