By Anonymous / Saturday 6 February 2016 03:24 / United States - Franklin
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"Doctor of the dead"? I'd say that is more of a medical examiner, mortician, pathologist etc. But of course I mean in these jobs the workers typically examine humans. I've never heard of this being done to animals, since I really don't see the need too.

  JCWolfGirl  |  14

I think op may work at an animal shelter/pound, the kind where strays are taken to. It's not uncommon at my local kill shelter for dogs to be brought in DOA to be identified and then cremated.

  meggieeeeee92  |  16

I figured it was put in a bag by whoever recovered the dog and sent it to the OP's work place. I wouldn't just send a dead dog covered in maggots without some sort of packaging.

  BlueBaronBitch  |  22

51 you would be surprised how many people try to get rid of pets by putting them in a bad and dumping them there, it's very sad and painful for the animal but somehow some humans possess the cruelty to do it :(

  pandainspandex  |  18

Definitely not. Especially if it's a government animal control facility. Either way, animal rescue workers get paid shit, if at all.

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