By nosrepamai82 - 26/07/2009 04:28 - United States

Today, I found out that my husband made a replica of our family on The Sims 3. I also found out he killed me off a couple weeks ago and made a new wife, KiKi. FML
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HA! KiKi is MY nickname.... Make a Sim of him fat and ugly!

You'd better find out who the **** this Kiki is! lol


HA! KiKi is MY nickname.... Make a Sim of him fat and ugly!

are you calling yourself fat and ugly?


She is saying his mistress' name is her nickname, and that she should make the husband fat and ugly. Where is the world did you comprehend her saying that she was fat and ugly? :/


i Think you might be stupid and blind. Stupid because you cant comprehend two different statements and blind becuase you apparently can't read.

lol its only a girly video game, so who gives a poop

OMG he is cheating on you in a computer game. You should go on his sims acount and dump him. If you werent dead already that is.

it's a freaking life simulation...calm the **** down...he's playing out his fantasy life in a stupid game that shouldn't even be around..and the game is played mostly by 13 year old girls. Enjoy

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He killed the cyber you, I wonder who's next......

LMFAO. Kiki. sounds like he wants to be married to a stripper.

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he plays the sims relli? how old is he? tell him to grow up. and welcome to reality

Anyone can play Sims 3, not just little girls, you know. It's the 3rd best selling game franchise, Mario being first and Pokémon 2nd. I play Sims 3, I pre-ordered the ******* collector's edition, and i'm 21.

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It doesn't need to be a sim ;)

28 - That's a HUGE overreaction to something stupid. 67 - it doesn't matter who should (in your opinion) play Sims. It was a symbolic gesture. Would you have preferred he burn her in effigy?

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lmao.. i would watch my back if i were you.

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MUAHAHAHA he was just planning the attack using sims....

You'd better find out who the **** this Kiki is! lol

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That Kiki bitch is always up in peoples' bid-nezz.

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kiki stands for pussy in Tagalog

lmao. The Sims 3 isn't so great anyway. So in itself, I think he's being punished. But still, get some cheats and completely remake his Sim or remake yourself or something. lol


Not to make this into a sims debate, but I have to agree. I think somewhere in EA's quest to get to "uncanny valley" with sims, the game lost its charm... I don't find it as fun as Sims 2, or as addicting for that matter. But who knows, maybe some expansion packs will change my mind. OP: Don't worry, a long time ago my father made a sims version of our family. My mom ended up dying in a house fire and my brothers and I were sent to military school for not doing our homework! (Ahhh, Sims 1, good times) As long as you don't meet anyone named Kiki IRL, I think you are ok... xD

Yeah. In some ways the Sims 3 is an improvement from Sims 2, but they just got rid of too much of the good stuff and made Sims 3 pretty crap.

yep, the sims 3 sucks, and now I'm stuck with it cause I gave away all my sims 2 games.

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Ahahah! Ah, geez. FYL, hun.

Now that is funny! Thanks for the morning laugh.

Eh. Not really an FML. I do weird shit to my Sims all the time. That doesn't necessarily mean that what is happening in the game is happening in real life. YDI for being an idiot that's concerned about a videogame.

I once created this really sick-looking monster and named it after my brother. Just for fun. He probably was doing the same. And if not, well, than I would start writing your will.

Just be glad he didn't do it in real life... yet.