By shyshy96679 - 20/06/2011 22:42 - United States

Today, I was using the restroom when a little girl tried to open my stall. It was locked, so she slid under the door and tried to have a conversation with me while I was pooping. FML
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Creepier* - Oh lord, this iPod's auto corrector is quite perverted.

Wasn't it nice to have a toilet buddy? Taking a dump has been a lonely task for far too long.


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Uhh, no. Thats fucking creepy!

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did she keep asking "why"?

I really hope you're a girl...because if not, it makes it two times creamier/awkward.

Creepier* - Oh lord, this iPod's auto corrector is quite perverted.

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uhhh , cute? no..

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really the iPod autocorrects based on your patterns? because mine changes my words to the weirdest shit sometimes and about 90 percent of the time it's to words I've never used.

No, the autocorrection is only based on an heuristic that uses the worth of each character, other words that relate to your input and your address book. You can give "wrong" words more weight by typing them multiple times and telling autocorrect that you really meant it this way.

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I just turn mine off . . . I feel left out :( I think it's more annoying than creepy, except if the kid looks like alma (creepy horror girl) or something

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That's what I was thinking.

it said she 'tried', what went wrong?

I assume the lock prevented her...

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50- I just roflmfao

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50- I had to do that to a little girl before..:l

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that happened to me once, but it was a little boy.

1 no it's creepy. Especially if she said "Howdy stranger!" or *in an evil voice*"I'm hheeerree"

This actually happened to me one time. Except I was peeing. I feel bad for OP because I was frikken creeped out.

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"Will you play with me?" :D.

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haha funny

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136 NO YOU DIDN'T!!! JK 8)

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#108 Is your name supposed to be Mr. Sassypants, or Mrs.Asspants?

This may sound weird but ya it is kinda cute. How old was this chick?

I'm assuming Mr. Sassy pants. I doubt he meant "Mrs. Assy pants"

Haha no it's not

Yes, you're a very random black man.

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Dats Naaaasty.

so what were you talking about?

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How poop is made.

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...when a person loves a food...

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^^^^^ rotflmfao

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your mom.

Awkward.. Should've told her there was some candy outside, that might've lured her away.

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key words: MIGHT HAVE.

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Hi Hannah =D

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that horse looks like it has a penis for a head :p

aha I think you're right

you're definitely right

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OP shoulda peed in her face and yell out "OH SHIT YOU SCARED ME!!!" and run out of the restroom screaming

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she changed it damn :/

at least it was a little girl and not an old perverted lady...

It would be amusing, if anything, to watch a pervy old lady try to squeeze under a stall door. Suppose you'd be kinda screwed if she made it under though.

u go to st Francis

mm mu skate sounds hot babe ;)

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well, tell her you have candy in your middle pocket

Didn't I see you on "To Catch Predator?"

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Should of thrown your youed toilet,papper at her:)

That is beyond gross. It's just a little girl ffs. Anyway OP, I'm torn between deciding if that's cute or creepy.

Why would anyone do that, even if they are little... Ew.

ha who knows what goes through the head of a child!! shouldn't be overly shocked..

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She's just a kid. I'm sure that her parents haven't very well taught her right and wrong.

Wasn't it nice to have a toilet buddy? Taking a dump has been a lonely task for far too long.

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Team steaming is the way to go! Also if u run out of toilet paper you've got backup

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where were her parents at?

There is a certain point where parents should stop their kids from running around. That point was reached about 2 minutes before this happened. Also: crawling around on the floor of a public loo? Who lets their child do that?

I assume she was wearing shorts considering it's summer, making it alot grosser.

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never end a sentence with 'at'.

They were probably trying to do the same somewhere else xd