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  Veraymix  |  6

Uhhh. So find someone who will treat you with the respect you deserve?

  daisyloo  |  7

I think arguements about grammar are hilarious. Seriously though, 86 is really going overboard. This site didn't say we all have to speak perfect grammar.....

  bpell15  |  5

I find it funny when people complain about grammar. then when another person corrects someones incorrect grammar. everyone gets all pissy. no need to get butt hurt because someone is trying to give everyone a little grammar lesson now and then.

  cldean24  |  4

You all realize that she was correcting the other grammar Nazi to point out the irony, right? There was nothing misleading about the comment, grammar Nazi just decided to be a bitch an call the guy out. The girl everyone is getting pissed at is passively aggressively saying, "why the fuck are you correcting someone's grammar when you can't type worth a shit?" But you guys were too stupid to figure that out. Pat yourselves on the back, you just won the stupid award.


Why does every man or woman say "Dump him/her" when they find out they are cheating or using their partner? The person clearly deserves it for not knowing the BF or GF enough. Sometimes it isn't their fault, but most likely it is.

  angeljewlz  |  7

it actually sounds like OP's (hopefully EX) boyfriend is using her to get with her sister... it wouldn't make sense for him to use her if he is already with the sister. so it doesn't make the sister a slut it makes him a ska-douche bag.

  nfc14  |  2

I am one of 3 brothers each of us 1 year apart and always hang out together. Sometimes when a girl gets close and inevitably gets to know us all better she realises she has more in common with another.