By Maddie - 20/06/2011 20:05 - United States

Today, I found out my boyfriend uses me for two things. 1) My food. 2) My sister. FML
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Omg, shut up about grammar for two seconds. This is a site where we laugh at people's misfortunes not to better our English. Chill out


Wow what a bastard! Shove some food in his face then kick him out the door. Oh and slap your sister. Hard.

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same thing happened to my cousin in Chicago now her sister is missing a finger and the guy is missing.

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Did you figure this out during a "bucking bronco?"

like Jon lajoie says, cooking cleaning and sisterz vaginas! :D yayahhhh!

holy *** 218 I was about to go there. damn u for beating me to it.

Woman are only good for THREE things: Cooking Cleaning And Vaginas!

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You can't even spell women right you moron.

13 : the grammar of your comment made it sort of misleading. Should have said ' What a jerk. You'll find better, trust me. ' just saying.

why is it still in present tense then. drop his dumb ass

29, your typo made me confused. He's 14, not 13.

okay... he just changed to 13... deleted comment?

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#29 shouldnt people who are criticizing someones grammar have perfect grammar themselves? :/

29, if you're being pedantic, it should be a semicolon before 'trust me', not a comma.

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Uhhh. So find someone who will treat you with the respect you deserve?

Omg, shut up about grammar for two seconds. This is a site where we laugh at people's misfortunes not to better our English. Chill out

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81, 29 started talking about grammar, so if she's correcting people she should at least do it correctly.

58- Ok, im a grammar nazi BUT that is going WAY too far. Do us all a favor & shut the **** up.

I think arguements about grammar are hilarious. Seriously though, 86 is really going overboard. This site didn't say we all have to speak perfect grammar.....

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Yes ecause my food so good thats why my husband love me for 50 years

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86, you're no better than 29. Last time I saw you post anything on FML you mispelled think and typed thunk instead.

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I find it funny when people complain about grammar. then when another person corrects someones incorrect grammar. everyone gets all pissy. no need to get butt hurt because someone is trying to give everyone a little grammar lesson now and then.

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123, I couldn't agree more!! this whole comment conversation made me laugh (= haha.

food and sex is the fuel for everyone. your boyfriend is a player.

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You all realize that she was correcting the other grammar Nazi to point out the irony, right? There was nothing misleading about the comment, grammar Nazi just decided to be a bitch an call the guy out. The girl everyone is getting pissed at is passively aggressively saying, "why the **** are you correcting someone's grammar when you can't type worth a shit?" But you guys were too stupid to figure that out. Pat yourselves on the back, you just won the stupid award.

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58, I find that shallow and pedantic.

these people are just being rude. you were correcting the bitch and they are attacking you because their not as educated. so it's all good!

y'all need to CHILL OUT!!!!!! give up on the grammar crap already and op I'm sooo sorry. dump is sorry asshole ass

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155 holy shit you put is instead of his now the whole comment is effed up! what the piss are we gonna do? oh man oh man stupid GNs

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I think we can all agree on SOMETHING here. who likes marshmallows? everyone likes marshmallows! am I right?

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I agree shallow and pedantic

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182, I like marshmallows, but I like pie more. Or should I say, I liking pie more then marsmaloow (eat that grammar nazis!)

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Not me, I'm allergic to marshmallows :(

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136- but things cant have any meaning other than wats on the surface. all of us americans kno that

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thank you for agreeing with me 132 :) it made me laugh as well.

grammar grammar grammar trololololol piss

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******* GRAMMER NAZI'S!!!!!

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grammer policing is only for the people who don't get laid. just saying.

Holy ****. I only corrected that comment to see what would happen. I'm definitely not a grammar Nazi.

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I agree as well, shallow and pedantic.

Maybe if you werent so goddamn fat and ugly he wouldn't **** your sister

Why does every man or woman say "Dump him/her" when they find out they are cheating or using their partner? The person clearly deserves it for not knowing the BF or GF enough. Sometimes it isn't their fault, but most likely it is.

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lol it's funny because 86 is Asian

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111 that's just a spelling error, not a grammar issue?

198- that sucks dude!! and omg these grammer comments are ridiculous. its funny how you peeps argue about grammer hahahah! :D nerds :D

I like your boyfriend already. No, I'm joking, guy sounds like an ass to me.

I don't like your new picture :( But yeah OP ha a mega douche for a BF.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I like to change things up a bit. I like variety

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not just an ass a dick too!

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109 was I supposed to laugh at that or cry at your "joke."

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Ryuk is a sexy beast. Can I feed you apples? :D

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but now you have something better, like Deuce. I miss him but I also like Danny lol

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and for revenge she should keep dating him and use him for his brother friends and his car or food 2

and for revenge she should keep dating him and use him for his brother friends and his car or food 2

what's up with the slutty sisters, girlfriends and best friends these days

it actually sounds like OP's (hopefully EX) boyfriend is using her to get with her sister... it wouldn't make sense for him to use her if he is already with the sister. so it doesn't make the sister a **** it makes him a ska-douche bag.

8, I have often wondered the same thing.

I am one of 3 brothers each of us 1 year apart and always hang out together. Sometimes when a girl gets close and inevitably gets to know us all better she realises she has more in common with another.

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how dare he uses for food! what a bastard!

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aw that really real sucks! sharing is caring?

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threesome with a guy and sisters?

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Sharing is caring but he's not caring xP

I thinks it's time to get a new boyfriend.

lol my bad, was intended for the comment about using her for money 

Let him have her... then wait for him to screw HER sister... you actually get to BE karma!

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i think its time to be funny..

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Well at least he doesn't use you for your money..?

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Well her or her parents pay for the food ?

i'm pretty sure that would have come next

aww I'm sorry, what an ass of a dude and an ass of a sister...