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50, believe me, I do. And 33, yeah I know I just blanked for the moment. That's another reason I hate when people say it. I would rather my kid ask to wear a thong at 13 than have to marry them off to a strange man at 13.

By  danceinconverse  |  25

She's probably seen lots of movies and tv shows and more often than not, the females in them are perpetually sexual beings and expected to always look good. Not her or your fault, just explain to her that you don't need to look any certain way. Personally I wouldn't make it about age as much, because then she'll still value her self worth on how she looks when she gets to whatever age you suggest she should start wearing more suggestive clothing at.

  fakedsincerity  |  32

Yes. Society fucks up kids from a young age.

Girls to be sexual objects and boys to be unfeeling and fit a macho stereotype.

Such bullshit all around. Let kids be kids, damn it.

By  PuffPastry  |  8

I knew a girl in highschool whose mum only bought her thongs from age six and up, now thats what she bought for her daughter.

I remember there were a few girls in my grades 4 and 5 class with lasenza style bras. I found it disturbing, even when I was their age.