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Today, I told my grandpa that I want to join the police force. His response: "You wanna lynch some blacks without the jail time, eh?" FML
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Tell him you're actually more interested in the high speed horse-drawn carriage chases.

Oh look, another fine sample of humanity.


Oh look, another fine sample of humanity.

ohh. hm. dont worry just follow your dreams. someone will always talk about about something. up to you to prove them wrong

Well that's not the most accepting generation... It was a much different time! :d

There still is an issue with police brutality in this country. Obviously not like back in the day, but if you're old, you've lived through the racism of the past and now you have to witness the racism of the present, so perhaps that was where OP's grandpa's remarks came from.

Police brutality isnt as bad as a lot of people think 9. The media makes a ton of profits from it so they talk about it more than the good police do. People don't do research on things they see on the internet/tv.

@13: You might try doing some research. It's far worse then what you see on TV.

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If you replace the word lynch with shoot the time frames get a little blurry

Half the cases that the media covers are incredibly biased. When you look at the other side in *some* cases you can see how the cop could have acted that way. Cops are human, and we would find it more appropriate for one to die on the job then defend himself. It's a sad mentality. On the other hand, it's tragic to see how some bad cops handle violence and how poorly minorities have been treated and how easily situations escalate. The media needs to hold both sides accountable. It's a tragedy all around.

Oh look, someone with a shred of un assuming logical sense... Huh must be an alien

I really hope when all of his generation dies, racism will just go away. But that might take a while longer still. Anywho FYL OP, I hope you never consider his statement as civil duty.

Even with the death of that entire generation, racism will never be completely gone. You forget that racism and hatred are taught. Look at the video of the two little girls who cry at the sight of the black baby dolls they were gifted. That's a whole new generation being taught discrimination.

@4: I think you got it backwards. Grampa was probably a civil rights marcher and knows how racist the cops really are.

What's the video called and what's the context? I didn't want black dolls when I was little, but not because I had anything against black people I just wanted the dolls to look like me. I didn't even like white, brunette dolls because I'm blonde. And i know black kids that don't white want dolls because it doesn't look like them. It's not racist they just want to identify with them.

Racism will never die. There are still plenty of young people today that are racists.

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Why else would u join the police

To protect the people and do some good in this world. I know that's why I want to join.

@14: Good luck with that. Your FTO will correct you.

I don't think most ppl understand he was being sarcastic

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Yeah haha I guess sarcasm isn't easy to read

Tell him you're actually more interested in the high speed horse-drawn carriage chases.

Hmmn well racism still exists even in this generation. As long as you know you will make a difference in whatever career you decide to pursue...that's all that counts.

pull him over on the road and see what he thinks

even a racist old man can recognise that the attitude of the police force in America towards other races is ****** up

His grandpa doesn't appear to be racist at all. He was criticising the racist behaviour of authorities.