By tired - 16/01/2013 19:02 - United States - Boston

Today, I walked up sixteen flights of stairs to my room to avoid the lift lines. When I was almost to the top, the fire alarm sounded. FML
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Your fat is going to get burned either way.

Good job OP that's the first step to a healthier life style.


I would stop if I was you my dear.

Welcome to Russia, where stop, drop and roll is for pussies (Insert cool Russian accent)

You should just jump. It's a quicker way down, and you won't ever have to climb those pesky stairs again

What are "lift lines?" Are they like stretch marks? Anyways, if you go back down the 16 flights and back up again, you've defiantly earned a nice scoop of ice cream.

Defiantly? More like dejectedly, I'd think.

#5, it's what some people consider a variant of "definitely." It's not, but what can you do?

It's the line for an elevator. OP is probably of British descent. And it's spelled "definitely."

Are you defiantly sure?

#11, thanks for putting me right. I didn't like imagining the OP with "lift lines" on their thighs, ass and belly!


Damn perdix. You are defiantly off today.

#45, Jeez, I make one little inside joke with one of my buddies and everyone jumps down my throat for misspelling "definitely." I didn't realize I spoiled the readership with my impeccable spelling! I thought "lift lines" being like "stretch marks" was kind of an amusing concept.

I believe in you matter how many thumb downs you get.

Your fat is going to get burned either way.

I was going to post a comment but nothing I could have said would have topped this.

Building on fire is a great motivator to get going on those stairs.

Feel the burn, love the burn

You'll look smokin'!

That's hot.

At least you had a good work out, something many people lack these days.

Yep, OP should have that mentality. I had it worse before, I used to live on 33rd floor in an apartment, and some drunk guy thought it was fun to pull the fire alarm in the building late in the night, twice. The first one was around 2 am, the other was at 4 am

Shoot him and go back to bed. Isn't that the big city way?

Good job OP that's the first step to a healthier life style.

And one day closer to knee replacement surgery. 0 0 ~

Exercise it's good for ya

It's all down hill from there. Or down stairs, I suppose.

Jeez how long is the wait on your elevator lines? On an average of climbing 30 sec per floor would still take 8 min ...

But some people prefer to act than wait. If I have to wait a long time for the bus, I walk to a next bus stop, just to keep myself busy. It sometimes even applies to situations when I'm carrying two weeks worth of food.

And that's when OP should've started browsing FMLs on the phone to keep themselves busy. It's a good app.

At least you didn't get stuck in an elevator.

And it's all down stairs from here.

Little late bro 10 already said that