By laurraaa - United States
Today, I received 7 notifications on facebook. Girls in my grade were commenting on my photo because they knew the location of it. They then started to have a conversation and they planned a whole social event. On my photo. I wasn't invited. FML
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By  Kichi_fml  |  0

That's why you have a FACEBOOK WALL.
They should use it instead of having a conversation on her photo, I think that was quite rude and annoying because your receiving notifications that doesn't even concern her.

  MadaFaka_fml  |  0

lol FAIL...
anyways, thught u were a guy first which is lame cause u could comment and invite urself there.
chicks' thought is akward so understandably u were too shy to say anything.

  mecolaya  |  0

Myspace will always kick Facebook's ass. Myspace was created for people to express themselves... Facebook was created for people to become addicted to their little games and pay them money.

  mj2123  |  0

Um, she knew she wasn't invited...

Talking about a social event in front of someone who isn't invited is rude, bitchy, and passive-aggressive.

  pinky2  |  0

it was on the computer....which means the girl who wasnt invited needs to suck it up because it could have been a lot worse. The other girls could have actually talked about it IN FRONT of her IN PERSON. and its not "rude, bitchy, and passive-aggressive." was just convenient for those girls to have a conversation on the photo.