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  xaviiboo  |  9

84 is right. OP said horse. Not donkey.

And how would anyone think the FML is SEXUAL?? It's clearly about horse burial.

And OP I understand the horse may have been special to you but you're either going to have to dig a little deeper or bury it somewhere where you won't see coyotes digging it up. It's nature. That's what will happen. Unless you bury it in a graveyard....

  desireev  |  17

I've had the OP reply to many of my comments and I've seen the OP make posts or replies on many FMLs. It's not really that rare. It's all just a matter of 'the right place at the right time', I guess..

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Ah, so I'm guessing that you live up in northern Florida were there is more space for farms and owning horses, unlike down here in the southern part where it's mostly rural areas. Besides I've never heard of coyotes in the SF, LOL. Try using bear traps, I heard they were multi-purpose, or mines, or flockz. **SORRY FOR THREAD JACKING(I'm wanted throughout the world for highjacking peoples threads [and being an exclusive terrorist, but that part isn't important])**


Well when they cremate a horse, they have to cut it into pieces first. Not a very pleasant way to think about your beloved horse. Granted, I don't actually know what we do with our horses' bodies when they die. I think we just have them disposed of. Ideally I'd like to give the bodies to a zoo or something to feed the lions and whatnot, but I understand people who wouldn't want that. I have a few horses I plan to cremate.

By  NAU_future  |  7

If it keeps happening dig a deeper hole. I can imagine that would be difficult with a horse though. If you are insistent about burying it go 6 feet down. After so many feet the coyotes won't be able to smell it anymore.

  deviable  |  9

There are several places where they live near humans. I have them jumping in my backyard all the time. But chances are, of op owns a horse, then they live on a farm, or near a rural area.

  greatinbed  |  0

They live everywhere in Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Like you can live in a not a dated community but like whatever they call em when they aint giot no gate, anyways you could walk outside you back or front door and BAMM theres a coyote not more than 50 ft from you.

  desireev  |  17

Where I live, coyotes are about as common as cats, dogs, cows, and horses! They're everywhere!
We, for the most part, leave them be. We just have to take extra precautions and make sure they don't tear our property and belongings up!
Mischievous little creatures!

  DrMime  |  10

Steedy guys, don't dash to conclusions here. We are only haying that OP should be a little more careful, I might be a saddle man on the internet, but my opinions stall count. No need to spur up trouble or anything.


Well if you spur up trouble, PETA might trample you. They'll raise their High Brows and say you're not very Smooth As A Cat. Just tell them to take some Peptoboonsmal and start acting like a Smart Little Lena instead of ranting like drunk idiots at a Metallic Cat concert. If they keep up trouble, challenge them to a Dual your Rey and give them a taste of a good Third Cutting. Just make sure you have a lot of Dual Pep and show them who the real Sophisticated Catt is.

(I apologize that almost no one will understand these puns. They're all the names of famous stallions. I'll go hide in my corner now)