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Today, my boyfriend and I were making out when he sweetly whispered in my ear, "It's not gonna suck itself." FML
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I'm stealing that line from him.

Time to point to his hand and say 'no, but you're gonna be shaking it yourself tonight.'


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men are so funny. my hubby slighty indicates by bobbing my head down when we are kissing. they must really enjoy it!

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Thumbs up this comment to have PurpleRae kicked off FML

PurpleRae240 - You get so much thumbs down, is that not a sign?

and that, boys and girls, is how to get blown.

purplerae, for once spare us from your dumb comments and STFU!

Ugh, what an asshole. You're there making out with him, and all he wants is a ********. Just say "sure honey, why don't we make it a 69, so I get mine too?" Everyone wins!

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and that's why you will marry a rich guy right there!!... great attitude ; )

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I need to share a beer with this man so we can exchange "Wisdom."

He's right it isn't. It is your job to suck it for him.

apparantly women don't understand the concept of " blue balls" . if you're gonna make out with the guy at least help him out. he's right, it ain't gonna suck itself :p

that was clearly a hint that he wanted you to remove some of his ribs so he can do it himself.

can you say that into the microphone?? if u didnt get that read the next comment up it fits this FML perfectly!

217-you?! I would have NEVER guessed!!! :0

52 so if I was making out with you you would automatically.... eh 'speak into the mic'

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the fact that you're a woman and u said it is AMAZING*bows down*

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217- let me get your number ;)

Fx13mz 7

I'm stealing that line from him.

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next time you tell him it's not gonna lick itself

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Dude I already stole it and unlike this chick it worked to some extent

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wow. at least he tells you what he wants....

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha.. ladies, if you wanna get ahead you gotta give some head...

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that piece of advice fit your name wise guy;)

I need one I haven't had one in a week

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do you have yahoo messenger?

Time to point to his hand and say 'no, but you're gonna be shaking it yourself tonight.'

If I was OP I would have said: "You're right, honey, you may start immediately with eating me out if you're so impatient!" Or I would have laughed and opened his pants. As long as he does something in return, this isn't a FML neither a YDI.

Don't say that it isn't an FML I got banned for saying that.

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offer to remove some of his ribs for him?? :)

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Marlyn Manson had a couple of his ribs removed if I am correct so he would be able to bend down and give himself a *******. I think thats what the boyfriend should do :)

Sounds romantic, did you follow through?

Love, if it could suck itself you wouldn't have been invited round, that's for sure.

TheBeatlesAreLov 0's not. That would be freaky (awesome) if it did.