Kitchen Nightmares

By Anonymous - 20/06/2022 00:00 - Germany - Moormerland

Today, I made huge pot of curry, adhering almost exactly to my proven and delicious recipe. It tasted completely bland, even with all the spices. I kept adding salt, until it tasted bland and oversalted at the same time. I think either the salt is broken or my taste buds are. FML
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TomeDr 24

Yeah… time to take a Covid test.


TomeDr 24

Yeah… time to take a Covid test.

Is it that Chinese salt, that isn't salt, but melamine?

rotflqtms_ 21

That sucks... Time to start contact tracing and quarantining. I think you caught COVID. Hopefully you have a home kit you can use to test yourself. Check off other symptoms, but loss of taste and smell is a huge one...and I hear even after recovering, you don't really get that back. Some of my coworkers have said their lung capacity has hit the fan. They can't do as much as they used to do without getting so winded even a year later. Good luck...and...don't offer it to someone else to test... you know, covid and all...

I know someone who was completely asymptotic except for loss of taste. time to get tested.

Reading this is straight-up painful. Quarantine and covid-test, right now.

Whenever something tastes undersalted, it usually needs an acid. Try some lemon juice or vinegar.