By I_Am_The_Edge - 11/06/2009 16:06 - United States

Today, I was at the park when I saw a homeless man sleeping on a bench. I thought it would be funny to throw a small rock at him. He thought it would be funny to pull out his knife and chase me for six blocks. FML
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I don't blame him. I'd chase you with a knife if you had thrown a rock at me too. YDI.


u dont throw rocks at hoboes. hoboes throw rocks at u.

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Well, he can use the rock to either sharpen the knife, or use it as a pillow...

I would like someone to tell me how he doesn't deserve it!!!

maybe because he is still a person with regular people feelings and having a rock thrown at him because either he can't hold a job or is down on his luck or looks a little different annoys him slightly....

were the rocks edible?

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@850 I think 844 ment op

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this is is soo funny but you deserve it for doing that to a person who already has it bad in life.

lol nice that sucks but ydi.

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YDI for being retarded

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thank yourself for not being fat or you would have been screwed

You are an asshole. How would that be funny? You must be 7 years old. OP 100% deserved it!

I hope he caught you and cut your finger off, you asshole.


Your a bitch.

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ydi what if u were homeless? I bet op is at a starwars convention rite now

it's funny cuz you think you didn't do anything wrong

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wowwwwwwwwww ur a selfish #*¥€%^!!!!!!! WTF! ok put yourself in his shoes. he should be wrighting the fml, not you!!!!

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You asshole >:U

I hope he cut off something a little more important for a guy...

u soooo deserve that...

he should have just thrown the knife at u it would've been easier on both of u

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I wouldve thrown the knife at you...

real smart man. funny but that's wat u get for being a dumb @ss

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@ the retards saying they would have threw the knife, why in the world would you throw your only (assuming) weapon at the guy who just threw a rock at you. Now HE would have your weapon. And say the homeless man was a ninja before he was homeless, if you sink a blade into someone's back then thats time. No one would believe that it was self defense to chase someone down and stab them.

It's funny because you make no sense

Nice one... Um, 843... WTF?! Why is there such a highly numbered comment for #1?! O_o

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OP, I can tell your immature ? Idiot.

God I hope you're kidding! If not, YOU are the reason the rest of the world hates America!

Hope you get run over by a car, repeatedly...

.. your going to hell :) , & grow the hell up ? like really .. what the hell did he do to you ? ..

not everybody thinks that its not funny to do that but personaly, i agree with you, i know what it feels to be on the street, i wasnt on the street for long but still anyway, enough of that, i agree with you

That is so mean of you!!! Why on earth would you do that to some poor guy?? No more importantly: how could you do that?!!

That is so mean of you!!! Why on earth would you do that to some poor guy?? No more importantly: how could you do that?!!

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Technically he wouldn't be able to write the fml since he's homeless...

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fyl for not being able to spell

You're a Fucking Retard!!!!!

1019- you can hardly talk. Your **** are out of your shirt and you're taking a picture of yourself, in a mirror. Which, in case you didn't know, is not attractive.

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The dick probably thought he was just going to throw it and no repercussions would come, bet you learned your lesson you dumbass lol. Think of all these comments as rocks being thrown at you except there is nothing you can chase.

i hope you past him today and get shanked

DocBastard thread jacking? That's odd considering he rages when anyone else does it.....

Still a better love story than twilight.

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Your're an ass douche-face. That's so mean, why would you do that?! Is there something wrong with you?

OP you're an asshole

you're a sick bastard. who does that to someone who is homeless and needs help? you actually sicken and disgust me. what you thought would be "funny", was in fact cruel, selfish, immature, and flat out sad. the fact that a human would think this is amusing has made me lose all faith in America. you're a horrible person. I hope karma bites you in the ass. rot.

Listen smart Alex, your missing the point of why they would throw the knife, to STAB op and possibly kill op. Assuming he was stabbed, then op would be incapacitated to run after him. If he was killed, then the homeless would be arrested. Here though the homeless gets all the good news and op gets wag he deserves. Only way this is true is if man missed knife.

Those seven characters (including the space) say it all!

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I think 844 meant the guy that threw the rock

Yesssssss ur right. I can see the headlines right now "Fat Moron gets stabbed to death by homeless man after throwing rock"

I don't blame him. I'd chase you with a knife if you had thrown a rock at me too. YDI.

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I'll hunt him down

i'd rip u to shreds. ur flesh would last me a month or two

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839- too far. Sicko.

I'd want you to chase me

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next time throw a bigger rock

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or a quarter then he would have to chose which to chase

I'd let u chase me

"Today, I was taking a nap on a bench, minding my own business, when some punk decides to throw a rock at me. I chased him for six blocks with my knife, but mis-timed some substances, so I couldn't catch him. FML" - the untold story of the Nameless Hobo

you can chase me ;)

you can chase me ;)

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you r fittt

1018 ..... your really cuteee

You can do this with any FML that involves two or more people. GENIUS!

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Nah, nowhere near far enough 887

this thread is a ******* train wreck

woah #839 you gave me nightmares...

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haha I no, right? never trust homeless people to act like the way you would expect?! haven't we learned that from the mass of crazy homeless guy stories that they can't be trusted!

I would of sucked his ****...

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You're a dick OP! A rock? Wow, get a life.

How funny would it have been if the hobo catched up to the guy and made him suck his hobo dick

870-you're ******.

that's because you are a queer

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hope your being sarcastic

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Post your comments elsewhere, you pervert.

Yeah, because it's just so hilarious to harm people less fortunate than you. Snobby bastard.

You sir are a retard

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No such word as catched. The word is caught, retard.

don't throw rocks at people. sometimes, (adulteresses, mostly) people end up dead.

that was funny. stoning adulterers.

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Holy ****! Over 430K YDI's! Lol damn this one has been around for awhile...

Sweej 1

Holy ****! Over 430K YDI's! Lol damn this one has been around for awhile...

Sweej 1

Holy ****! Over 430K YDI's! Lol damn this one has been around for awhile...

Definitly dont throw rocks at homeless people. They have nothing to lose when they attack you.

How would you feel if you were on that bench? He should be posting this fml, not you

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You're a horrible person.

I agree 100%!!!!!

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sooo true! you are a horrible person!

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I think it was horrible too but still if I saw someone do that, I'd laugh my ass off

I completely agree

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you do?? that's so fascinating

I can't believe the OP thinks their life is ******. Maybe he could complain if the guy caught him and stabbed him, but he definately deserved to get chased. You don't treat someone like they're a piece of trash.

I just wish the man caught and beat the shit out of OP

Wow that is really awful! Why would you throw a rock at someone?

Obviously because he Thot it would be funny... I laughed

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Especially someone who is homeless; I assume he's been through shit, so why give him more by throwing rocks at him , right? HDI

because he is an asshole

#1444 You're an asshole.

wow, you may be THE BIGGEST dick in the entire world. Congratulations, not an easy feat.

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I throw rocks at little children. Am I in the ballot?

yea well this kid i know dated this chick just to f*ck her.........worst part? hes 13

1106- cool story bro.

It would've been worse if he threw a big rock at like an autistic or down syndrome person.

@7 The OP's stupidly was nothing compared to "Today, I was bored and decided to pretend that I'm an undercover cop so I could pull over other cars, The first car I pulled over was a real undercover cop. FML."

Yes, that FML is petty bad too, maybe it's the same OP? Or maybe we just have too many jackasses in this world :(

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thats messed up. how would you like it if you didn't have anywhere to live and someone threw rocks at you?

It depends really because if they threw enough ( assuming that afore mentioned rocks did not kill/ name me) I could build a shelter and be homeless no more, so perhaps OP was merely donating to the cause. Failing that OP is a right numpty

You deserve that?%

Proof or it didn't happen. XD Seriously though, you're a dick. Maybe you didn't deserve to be chased by a knife, but totally should have gotten the rocks thrown back at you. Douchebag.

743: facepalms to infinity

Hmmm. Rock beats scissors but I guess knives beat rocks

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Hahahahahah u idiot! U might have died.... Don't yew know homeless people r like hobos! U would have died


OMG NO WAY!!!!!!! homeless people are like HOBOS!!!!!! I NEVER SAW THE CORRELATION BEFORE THIS!!!!!!!!!(ur a ****** idiot)

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different terms dumbass, a hobo is someone who travles around working and is the modern equivalent of a nomad.

FAIL 729 your a ******* idiot! maybe u should learn the facts before you open your dumbass mouth! don't try to act smart....

Hey 10, don't call others idiots when you can't even spell "you" (you misspelt it two different ways, actually) and "are".

Correcting grammar over the internet... this is exactly why you will be forever alone :D

Dude, homeless people ARE hobos. Dumbass

That's what a homeless person does. A hobo is a homeless person, and vice versa.

Meh ness he didn't misspell it it's called texting language... Did you honestly pick thru his entire message then deciding with you/u

He said "yew" once.

no....just no.....

You sound like a retard