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Well, he can use the rock to either sharpen the knife, or use it as a pillow...

  yake12  |  0

maybe because he is still a person with regular people feelings and having a rock thrown at him because either he can't hold a job or is down on his luck or looks a little different annoys him slightly....

  junolee  |  0

were the rocks edible?

  paid2think  |  0

thank yourself for not being fat or you would have been screwed

  jisaac09  |  25

@ the retards saying they would have threw the knife, why in the world would you throw your only (assuming) weapon at the guy who just threw a rock at you. Now HE would have your weapon. And say the homeless man was a ninja before he was homeless, if you sink a blade into someone's back then thats time. No one would believe that it was self defense to chase someone down and stab them.


not everybody thinks that its not funny to do that but personaly, i agree with you, i know what it feels to be on the street, i wasnt on the street for long but still anyway, enough of that, i agree with you


The dick probably thought he was just going to throw it and no repercussions would come, bet you learned your lesson you dumbass lol. Think of all these comments as rocks being thrown at you except there is nothing you can chase.


you're a sick bastard. who does that to someone who is homeless and needs help? you actually sicken and disgust me. what you thought would be "funny", was in fact cruel, selfish, immature, and flat out sad.

the fact that a human would think this is amusing has made me lose all faith in America. you're a horrible person.

I hope karma bites you in the ass.


  MelonLord1544  |  11

Listen smart Alex, your missing the point of why they would throw the knife, to STAB op and possibly kill op. Assuming he was stabbed, then op would be incapacitated to run after him. If he was killed, then the homeless would be arrested. Here though the homeless gets all the good news and op gets wag he deserves. Only way this is true is if man missed knife.

  hume  |  18

Yesssssss ur right. I can see the headlines right now "Fat Moron gets stabbed to death by homeless man after throwing rock"

  ubetrwatchBN  |  5

"Today, I was taking a nap on a bench, minding my own business, when some punk decides to throw a rock at me. I chased him for six blocks with my knife, but mis-timed some substances, so I couldn't catch him. FML"

- the untold story of the Nameless Hobo

  Metzler31  |  17

haha I no, right? never trust homeless people to act like the way you would expect?! haven't we learned that from the mass of crazy homeless guy stories that they can't be trusted!

  ratboy456  |  1

I would of sucked his cock...

  pink_raindrops  |  26

I can't believe the OP thinks their life is fucked. Maybe he could complain if the guy caught him and stabbed him, but he definately deserved to get chased. You don't treat someone like they're a piece of trash.

  DohIMissed  |  6

@7 The OP's stupidly was nothing compared to "Today, I was bored and decided to pretend that I'm an undercover cop so I could pull over other cars, The first car I pulled over was a real undercover cop. FML."

  barrowkite  |  4

It depends really because if they threw enough ( assuming that afore mentioned rocks did not kill/ name me) I could build a shelter and be homeless no more, so perhaps OP was merely donating to the cause.

Failing that OP is a right numpty

By  Butterbuns  |  1

Proof or it didn't happen. XD

Seriously though, you're a dick. Maybe you didn't deserve to be chased by a knife, but totally should have gotten the rocks thrown back at you. Douchebag.

By  mathsponge  |  0

Hahahahahah u idiot! U might have died.... Don't yew know homeless people r like hobos! U would have died