By Chris - 13/02/2010 05:04 - United States

Today, I put my hamster in his ball, and spent about an hour cleaning his cage. When I came back, I realized he wasn't even alive. FML
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Weird? Did he die in the ball? Its not like hamsters are limp when you pick them up. They squirm.


hahahaha I love how the fml is not that the hamster died , it's that the op wasted time cleaning the cage :p

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how heartless!! fy hamsters life for having a heartless owner

Original Poster. Basically the person who posted this FML. :D

:(((((( poor hammy Big spoiled hamster though if it took an hour to clean the cage D:

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Aww ;( feel bad for the OP and the hammy

You're not supposed to leave them in their ball for more than 20 minutes!

YDI for balling your hamster for an hour.

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Zhuzhu pets are trying to take over the world... along with McDonald's.

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eat him I always hear that hamster taste good with the right spices of course

that's so morbide, but yet makes me laugh at the same time. go figure... lol!

Turn his carcass into a furby to creep out your friends.. xD

its just a friken hamster who cares. i would be pissed as well

look at at the bright side- it's clean for the next hamster and it won't smell until you do

Weird? Did he die in the ball? Its not like hamsters are limp when you pick them up. They squirm.

I agree Tabby. YDI for being too stupid to recognize a dead animal from an alive one :P

The hamster was alive when he put it in the ball, where the OP ****** up was when he didn't pay attention to the whereabouts of the hamster. And also by leaving him in the ball for more than 20 to 30 minutes.

how could you not notice he was dead when you picked it up? sure you didn't kill it by putting it up somewhere.........

This sounds more like "FML; I spent an hour cleaning the cage for nothing" than "FML; my beloved hamster is dead". Why did you even HAVE a hamster if its life is less important to you than a bit of wasted time?

WTF, an hour cleaning his cage? Did you think it was sleeping? poor little fluffy guy : ( RIP

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You Gay! hamsters are awesome pets your just a stupid troll, ooh noes I just fed the troll, Doh!

Hamsters ftw. I still remember wanting one years ago as a kid and I sat there and made a PowerPoint presentation convincing my parents that a hamster was NOT a rat. It didn't work. I did get $20 for being creative though.

He probably died from doing the Hamster Dance too much!!

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shit i wouldve gone and bought one with the 20 bucks

It still "was a rat". -_- I snuck home a cat instead.