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Today, my last remaining pet, a hamster, died. Even he thinks it's better to drown in his water dish than brave the world living with me. FML
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yourmurderscenex 13

im sorry but this should teach you a lesson.. you dont give a hamster a BOWL to drink water out of. you give them water bottles that hooks on the side of their cage. ugh. idiot.

Thats why people have water BOTTLES for their hamsters...


wow, so obsessed with being the first to comment you say something as gay as haha without actually making a good comment.

very_ugly_girl 0

Be quiet, he or she was first so they can say anything he or she wants,

ohthebloodygore 16
KiddNYC1O 20

33- Yeah 'cause your comment is so much better.

Guys, calm down. First off, I must say that iMOTHERHUMPERi is the coolest person ever. Now thats out of the way, I will now call you all dumbasses.

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Twisted107 4

Ouch, if you'd saved that bugger you'd have made millions showcasing the world's smartest Hamster

satisfactionwink 0

wow saying haha is pretty rude you beyyotch

139 I couldn't disagree with you more. HaHa

#141, I couldn't agree with you more lol.

god all this from two words!! shity if only i could get this much attention =P

yourmurderscenex 13

im sorry but this should teach you a lesson.. you dont give a hamster a BOWL to drink water out of. you give them water bottles that hooks on the side of their cage. ugh. idiot.

Her idiocy is the reason no pets want to live with her. Oh yea and her Eeyore attitude. "Ho hum nobody loves me :(."

0opsie 6

Wow, I didn't even notice the bowl part. No wonder all of her pets die. Definitely a YDI.

thats what theyre made for lol..,.,.,.,,,,....penguins!!!

ShadyFTW1 0

Eeyore has a bad attitude because he has a nail in his anus. Ah, the wise words of family guy.

Rokpics13 0

he has a nail in his ass what's her excuse?

I was gonna call her an emo downer type. But I like the term eeyore. I'm gonna use it more often, its much nicer

SAME thing I thought! that's a ydi for sure. poor hamster!

You shouldn't be such a b*tch about it. Everyone (including you) on here is so rude. How would you feel if someone kicked you while you were down?

SceneRaver 0

well it's true.. you should know how to care for the pet before you get one...:

No animal is stupid enough to drown in it's food dish, there's nothing wrong with giving one to your pet

darklight549 2

Dont buy emo hamsters then......

lmao! and btw just pointing this out here that it is physically impossible to drown yourself ,

moonmask 0

No, it's impossible to kill yourself by just holding your breath. Drowning yourself is possible, as long as you keep yourself underwater.

Uhm no.. killing yourself by drowning is very much possible, you're probably just confusing it with the fact that you can't kill yourself by holding your breath or self-strangulation since when you pass out you simply start breathing again/stop the strangulation(it's pretty difficult after you pass out for obvious reasons). If you pass out in water though, you're very much ****** if there is no one around to save your ass.

it's physically possible to drown yourself, why not test it out for me?

Lancer_doosh 0

actually,44 is completely correct unless the person is using something other than his/her hands.

uhh... disregard that last comment, I misread 44's post.

Because I'm sure it made that choice on purpose.

crew279 0

exactly. maybe the hamster just drowned and your completely over analyzing it to get ur fml posted. hmmmm.......

Exactly. This guy is way too pessimistic and narcissistic to deserve all those fyl votes...

Thats why people have water BOTTLES for their hamsters...

Ninjafriends 1

Most hamsters aren't strong enough to lift and tilt a bottle for a sip. They're very small animals, you know.

scarletpenguin 16

I've had hamsters for a long time now. The bottles are attached to the side of the cage with a small tube that they can sip water out of. Ahem, pet stores aren't idiots, you know, it's just some pet owners are idiots.

lmao I'm really hoping you were kidding 108 :D

Ninjafriends 1

Of course I was kidding. But, it's lost on most folks.

mona_is_here 10

Suck it up, stop whining and take a proper care of your pets!

Yes, Goldie the goldfish drowned herself too :(

Ninjafriends 1

Sorry I accidentally stole your comment... missed it by just a few minutes!

It's OK. It was really funny, so I get why you would want to steal it. Yes, I'll get off my suicidal high horse now.

fenderocker92 0

You sound like you're single too, did your significant other do the same?

Her significant other drowned in a hamster bowl? Oh no I see what you're saying.. her significant other IS a hamster!

that's IF she had someone in the first place... op sounds ugly