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Today, I went to a pet store to adopt a dog. I got a medium sized lab, a dog crate, and a few toys, then put his crate in the back of my truck and the dog in his crate. On the way home I realized I forgot dog bowls and some dog food. I went back, and when I got back out to my truck, my dog was gone. My stereo too. FML
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evanwilliams 4

Your dog probably stole that shit and ran, those labs are pretty sketchy.


YDI for buying a dog from a pet store, and then either leaving your trunk open or leaving the dog alone in the car.

mkb_fml 0

He said adopt. Pet stores host adoptions of shelter pets all the time.

pancakes_n_syrup 0

"pet stores" do not host adoptions..they sell back yard breeder dogs. Meaning health problems galore. YDI for 1)buying/adopting a dog from a pet store and not a real shelter and 2)leaving said dog alone at your car without supervision...irresponsible dog owners don't deserve pets

How do you know that the OP doesn't mean "shelter" when he says "pet store"? Plus, many shelters have animal supplies to sell/give to new owners.

pancakes_n_syrup 0

because anyone adopting a dog should know that proper place to get one. Is everyone just ignoring the fact that first he wasn't even prepared at all for a dog since he had no supplies or bowls or even food and then left the dog alone while he went on his merry way? I say good for the dog for getting away

Local humane societies bring shelter pets to the pet stores here every weekend. That's how we got our cat. And yes, FYL.

Our local Petsmart does not "sell" any dogs or cats. Every weekend, the Humane society comes in with some of their animals and hosts an adoption. I spent many weekends volunteering for them. Many stores do the same thing.

#7, actually pet stores DO host adoptions for shelters. I'd know, my girlfriend works for one.

No decent rescue centre would allow a random ******* to walk in off the street and depart with a dog. Rescues make you fill out questionnaires on how much you know about the species you want to adopt, your personal circumstances, how you'd care for the animal (you know... what you'd feed it and stuff), and then they do a homecheck. If they don't do all that, they end up sending animals off to incompetent lunatics like the OP. So no, this person did not 'adopt' a dog. They bought one. Anyway, YDI! Animals are not ******* toys, you do not wake up one morning and go 'hey, Imma buy me a new puppy!' you irresponsible twat. If you failed to consider what you were going to FEED the poor dog, something tells me you also failed to think about training and socialisation classes, pet insurance, a good local vet, the first round of vaccinations and de-nadding... you know... those little important points that someone over the age of 12 should be mature enough to consider.

lolzforfun228 3

guys, you realize the "my stereo was gone too" part right?

lmmmr 0

Petsmart is not a pet store, it is a pet supplies store that has an adoption center available. Adoption fees are far lower than pet store prices, enough so that to say that you "adopted" a dog is very different than saying that you "bought" a dog. And most pet stores do not get their animals from backyard breeders. Backyard breeders are harmless. Chain pet stores get their animals from puppy mills, where their health and well being are neglected. Seems to me like the OP bought the dog from a pet store. Also seems to me like he wasn't responsible enough to own the dog in the first place, seeing as how he left it alone, out in the open, and was surprised that someone took advantage of his mistake. OP, while I wouldn't say that anyone deserves to have their pet taken from them barring abuse, if that was how you intended to care for it you wouldn't have lasted long anyway.

lolzforfun228 3

and btw op you might not wanna post animal fmls. people always see an animal in an fml and say "ANIMAL ABUSEROMGWTFHAXKKLOOLOLOLOLOYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDI!"

A lot of people don't know about these mills and don't know that pet stores could be getting their animals from there. He just got the dog and it's not like you are going to be an animal expert and know exactly what to do right away. Also it would be 5 times worse if he left the dog in his car with the window cracked because the dog wouldn't get any air compared to it being in the bed of a truck where there is atleast a breeze. He might not have know that he could have taken it inside since it sounds like his first pet and he probably didn't go there enough to know that he could. As for the dog now having a better owner, that is HIGHLY unlikely considering that it was stolen with a radio not liberated by an animal rescue crew. The thief will probably either put it in dog fights or sell it to someone else. Hopefully the dog will be okay, but you can buy another radio.

YDI for not knowing that MANY major pet stores host animal adoptions and most even have Vet clinics attached or in the store now. OP is DI for leaving his new friend alone in an unlocked car. He should have leashed the poor thing and walked back in.

loooooooooool_fml 1

Who says the car was unlocked?

You're all ******* clueless, stop trying to argue on a subject you know nothing about.

You ********. He only just decided to get the dog, that's why he didn't have the stuff. Also, if you had read the story properly, it says that his stereo was stolen too. Labradors are really expensive and much sought-after animals. Obviously it was stolen, it didn't run away

#21 that means your girl friend would know

Good point about the stereo #45 - I mean FHL, but that is one smart dog...

jduc054 0

wow your a dumbass! FYI Petsmart does adoptions of RESCUED pets. I worked for banfield the pet hospital, and we recieved transport pets from many many kill shelters scattered across the state. We made sure they were healthy, and then the adoption agency called Almost home foundation would put them up for adoption. if pets are up for adoption, they are always vaccinated and fixed. FOR SALE is where u find the sick pets.

The dog didn't get away; it was stolen.

the op said he had a truck dumbfuck, he has a bed, not a trunk

NONE of you know OPs real situation with buying this dog. Therefore, NONE of you can criticize them because you don't even know the person. Don't bash OP for making an honest human mistake. And don't assume that they're stupid or irresponsible.

-7 Pet smart doesn't sell cats and dogs the have pets from the SPCA there. So yeah pet stores do host adoptions.

i know. also its summer never leave a dog in the car during summer they can easily overheat

teufelschloss 0

..Yikes. At least uhm, your truck was still there. And unharmed.

That's what I was thinking. But really, who steals a dog? Like, wtf?

labs are really exspencive and wanted therefore the person who stole it is most likly going to sell it

evanwilliams 4

Your dog probably stole that shit and ran, those labs are pretty sketchy.

Haha, agreed! That's the lesson to be learned here today.

Yepper. If he'd left his keys, the ****** would have got his truck, too.

You're not suppoesd to put dogs in the bed of your truck.... Where do you think all the exhaust fumes go? Not to mention he could get seriously injured if the crate wasnt tied down well, or you were hit by another vehicle.

nikki1001 0

#10: I HATE when I see dogs in truck beds. I just want to take them out and bring them to safety because of how dangerous it is. Maybe the person who took the OP's dog had the same mentality...and took the stereo for good measure.

or maybe the truck has a secure cab on the back like mine, don't be so quick to judge!

pet stores have adoptions the give away stray dogs

BigSky 5

I guess somebody wanted the dog worse than you since you left it unattended. You should have taken it with you back in the store.

magichateball 0

@#7 some pet stores such as Petco do host shelters from time to time for adoption days. anyways, what a bunch of douchebags to steal a dog and stereo from a car! FYL indeed!

You should of put your new dog in the car with you so you'd be more careful with him/her. YDI