By Anonymous - 27/12/2014 20:53 - United States - Tucson

Today, I got into a fight with my sister. Later on she brought me a bowl of tortilla chips, which I thought was her way of apologizing. I found out too late that she'd licked the flavoring off them and it was really her way of saying "Fuck you." FML
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iTzSelverZz 14

What a tasteless revenge.

why is nobody commenting on the amount of jizz he would need for it to pass as Alfredo sauce?


What a cruel sister... But don't worry, all sisters are like that!

All sisters are not in fact like that.

Actually, no. All sisters are not like this

orbit 22

Op's sis is just Satan.

yeah.. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters. I'm the second youngest. my siblings and I fight but we don't do that sort of thing..

Not all sister is as wasteful as her

um...#19. im right here, and im deffinently not a girl.....

RecklessLove 18

Nobody said you were a girl

You should make her some pasta. Instead of Alfredo sauce, you should jizz on it.

Um. That is just messed up and uncalled for. This isn't the south where dating your cousin is okay, this is OPs sister.

What the fuck

There's something seriously wrong with you #2.

That isn't really at the same level as licking something.

why is nobody commenting on the amount of jizz he would need for it to pass as Alfredo sauce?

Cus maybe hes talented

Shadowblast423 3

really #4 Why perpetuate Southern US stereotypes when you're supposed to be the good guy here

thecman25 14

grow a pair #4

xChaos 29

Alright, calm down there satan

SystemofaBlink41 27

#21, And the amount of dedication as well!

I need to grow a pair when I find even the thought, even joking, of jizzing on food and having your sister eat it is not okay? No matter how you look at it, it is not normal and licking flavoring off chips does not deserve that.

tantanpanda 26

#56, Yea, it's pretty gross, but you didn't have to include an offensive stereotype in your opinion now did you?

It was a fucking joke people. And fuck you #4 for your stereotypical remark about the South. You can kiss my ass and eat my jizz biotch.

Siblings, always have a way to get you back. No matter what.

iTzSelverZz 14

What a tasteless revenge.

did you really just get away with this pun? amazing. 3 thumbs up

Thats just cruel..

Hello, satan

Scorn women are more vicious then the military. Makes me question what you did. Time to start plotting vengeance.

jojimugo 20

Meh... I was expecting worse, I mean that mean but not evil


That is nacho way of apologizing