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Today, I taught my kid how to mow the lawn. It's a self-propelling mower so it's easy to handle. My kid thought it would be smart to tie the handle down so that he wouldn't have to push it at all. This resulted in the lawn mower blasting through our fence and sinking into my neighbor's pool. FML
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Points for innovative thinking! F on thinking it through first!!!

At least he was trying to be creative in his laziness!


He probably watched too many robot vacuum commercials and thought it'd do the same. Silly kid.

In hindsight, it was still a terrible idea.

I don't know how old your kid. But If he's over the age of 12, he's a retart

Well being a retart is better than being a retard.

I thumbed down my own comment for that mistake.

Points for innovative thinking! F on thinking it through first!!!

He's going to be a great engineer when he grows up

DyslexicPanda 12

Actually, that'd be a very, very bad engineer.

You never know man, the kid might just turn out to be the next Albert or Steve? He still has time to develop. Everything was built of flaws in the beginning

Well, here's to hoping his next bright ideas don't end up in the neighbour's pool.

34 - It truly is a shame that you don't understand the concept of sarcasm. You have my condolences.

Your scathing deriding, 66, is unfounded. I'm sure had 34 been listening as opposed to reading the joke, he would've picked up on the sarcastic same tone you so affectionately adopt as 12 used.

At least he was trying to be creative in his laziness!

What's your favourite idea!? Mine is being creative!

Now let's all agree, to never be creative again.

I. guess he needs more chores to battle that kind of laziness and to help him understand how to handle these jobs without making a mess and of course to work off the damages.

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He'll be an engineer one of these days ... hopefully XD

He'll be a terrible engineer if he keeps that up, he'll never keep a job to save his life.

#5 Hopefully? How would you like to ride in a plane if he built one?

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I don't really think you taught him all too well, maybe make it clearer in future. Bad luck OP!

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I'm severely allergic to grass and only mowed it once in the 22 years I've been alive and I'm sure I can do a better job than that kid.

at least you'll have a damn funny story in a few years when he grows up

OP can use it as embarrassment blackmail for years to come!

Sounds like something you would see in a movie,atleast your son doesnt mind working despite having screwed up in the end.

I feel like if he didnt mind working, he would have pushed it himself. Him tying it down stemmed from pure laziness, not any kind of attempt at innovation or hard work.

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So i guess he agreed just to get op off his back

He's experimenting with laziness. It's a trial and error process.

There is a video over the internet where someone does this. The lawnmower goes around in a circle simply by tying a rope to a steak, and tying another rope to the clutch!