By Anonymous - 17/08/2013 10:52 - United States

Today, one of the kids in my neighborhood told me he would mow my lawn for 10 bucks. After a few minutes, I heard the mower stop. He had mowed a penis into my front yard then run away. FML
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Quality kid with quality humor clearly

True, but it still calls for a talk with the parents.

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True however mowing a penis into a lawn takes some creative skill An enrollment into an art school should be included in said talk

why would you tell the parents? it was just an innocent joke.

41- Do you even know what "innocent" means? It's destructive behavior, and should be treated as such. Informing the parents of his shenanigans is well within reason.

The only mowed a penis in the lawn. He didn't broke any windows or set the house on fire. And the lawn has to be mowed anyway, so I don't see any destructive behaviour?

Next time mow a pineapple. I hear they bring out your eyes

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If he offered to do it for free, would OP be as pissed?

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You were once a kid to so stfu

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Fix it by giving it a mow job!

For real. Op needs to be mower careful in who they pay to work for them

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This reminds me of the FML where this girl's boyfriend applies sunscreen to her back at the beach, but leaves a penis-shaped area of her back uncovered...

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That does take some skill. I'm Impressed. I'd pay $10. That seems like a reasonable price.

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OP never said he did it WELL..

That's a good point. Penises do come in different shapes and sizes tho...

Could have been worse, at least it's easy to fix (just mow the rest). Did you pay him before the job, or intend to pay after?

It'll eventually cum off. Don't worry OP

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For now, just cover it up to protect it from harsh criticism.

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I wonder if mowing a penis in the lawn was HARD for him to do. ...hmmm

Oh dear. Now you will have to finish mowing your lawn yourself... fyl indeed.