By getmeoutofthiscountry - / Friday 19 July 2013 19:06 / United States
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By  fareith  |  15

Sounds like its time to move house! Maybe a place with a real pool this time?

  wiccanangel13  |  10

Same could be said about irresponsible mothers. Don't make this a gender specific thing.

  alexwow1  |  13

Can they sue he got injured on his area of the house and how dum are children

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

You're the only who made the comment out to be gender specific, 34. I don't think anyone else took it like that. I hate how people call foul on any comment just because it says male instead of female, or vice versa.

  Horsempeg  |  25

People sue for anything now. You'd be surprised. I knew a lady who got robbed, and the guy fell out of the window and broke his arm and sued the lady....he won!


#135-uh huh, I bet you also know someone who knows someone that named her kids a-a (aDASHa, the '-' isn't silent) and orangejello & lemonjello. You read the story about the robber on the Internet--just like everybody else did, lol.

  threer  |  30

Mrs.Lowery's 7th grade class?

  Smoldering  |  15

Stupid stunts like that normally would take care of most stupid people, but nature can't keep up. Why you say? Well because stupid people breed like rabbits.


#94 I think our modern medicine ruined that. It used to be people avoided doing extremely stupid shit, cuz they knew they could die from a broken bone, an infection, etc. Now, a quick trip to the ER, some antibiotics & you're all better and ready to get back to breeding!

  Maxcrss  |  7

I'd really like to see that neighbor try to sue OP. It'd be like me loaning a chainsaw to a person, and a week later they go on a killing spree and then blame me for the killings because it was my chainsaw. As Spock says, "Highly illogical."

By  JtPv  |  14

Have fun winning that! In all seriousness, that sucks OP.

By  love2killu  |  21

Very idiotic xD watch him try to sue you!

  Smoldering  |  15

The neighbor has no grounds, they asked permission to use OP's pool there for making the liability shift over to the neighbor. Furthermore the idiotic kid had the choice to jump off the balcony. He was not pushed by Op. lastly this all happened in the neighbor's yard not Op's. Don't worry Op they will just be made fools in court.

By  daringtoride  |  27

Honestly, OP, if your neighbor took that to court, I doubt she would win (if she isn't laughed out of the courtroom first.) Then again, stupider and crazier cases have been won lately...on that note, your neighbor's kid is an idiot - no doubt got that gene from his father.

  daringtoride  |  27

I used she, before I read the FML more carefully and saw OP said 'his son,' though I suppose it could still go both ways considering OP didn't specify whether the last reference to the neighbor was the mother or father :P So I just used both!

By  CoolRainbowdash  |  15

Exactly why did he jump from the first story balcony?

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