By Anonymous - 13/09/2017 08:00 - Canada - Grand Bay

Today, I thought it would be funny to mow a dick into my grandmother's lawn, but the mower leaked gasoline and now there's a giant dead grass outline. FML
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That is f***ing childish and disrespectful. You are a moron.


That is f***ing childish and disrespectful. You are a moron.

I hope she beat your ass then made you go buy grass seeds and reseed the damaged grass area. And to top it off I really hope she make you buy a new lawn mower. What you did was stupid you do that to your friend lawn not your grandmothers

joeyl2008 29

I'm not sure how or why she would make him buy her a new lawn mower.

Tell grandma that it’s a mushroom and hope she forgot what a dick looks like.

Mowing a dick sounds cliche anyway. Should have gone with something less embarrassing and awesome like a bunny.

sumocj 14

Grandma says "looks just like the drawings you gave me in elementary!"

Hopefully your grandma is like my grandma, my grandma would beat the shit out of you and make you tear up that chunk of lawn and reseed it

Karma: 1 You: 0 You definitely deserve it. I hope she makes you reseed.

"You call that a dick?! You should've seen the one your grandad had back when he was your age!"

With any luck your art skills are little lackluster?