By What. - 14/08/2013 00:08 - United States - Pawtucket

Today, my father bought a riding lawn mower. We don't have a lawn. FML
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lorraineald 7

He could make great money mowing other people's lawns.

To be fair, riding lawn mowers looks fun as ****.


"They see me mowin', they hatin'..." (Sorry I'll crawl away now).

whiteboy896 9

Crusin down the street in my 6-4

iTerrorized 4

Dont quote me boy cuz i aint sais shit

Sounds to me like someone has been playing Happy Wheels too much...

Install a turbocharger and a larger engine, and go for a ioy ride. Also, should probably install cupholders too!

HowAreYouToday 34

Maybe he got sick of vacuuming.

lorraineald 7

He could make great money mowing other people's lawns.

1 acre of land = $75 and 1 acre of land takes 20 minutes to cut. Its easy money where I am.

GuessWhatKids 13

That's a terrible deal. And you must have one hell of a lawnmower to do an acre in 20 minutes.

I'm a qualified horticulturalist and ill do anyone's lawn if u live in Australia, Melbourne haha been impossible to find work even though I have a qualification. FML

JoeGrant 12

Your new method of commuting to work!

To be fair, riding lawn mowers looks fun as ****.

Yeah, my dad just drives his around the block on occasion. Parents are weird.

AbstraktThoughts 13

Wait. You're not supposed to normally drive around in a lawnmower? It's what I use to get to my job interviews! :(

I guess that gets the "reliable mode of transport" question out of the way real fast.

We have a ride on mower worth over $100,000 at work. Paid for with tax payer money. Don't you love the US governments budgeting?

I'd ride them for days...if I could afford one.

skyeyez9 24

I have a john deer riding mower. Its alot more fun to cut the grass with that vs the push mower. It has a cup holder, cushy seat, headlights and goes pretty fast. There is also a group of riding mower people whose hobby is installing super fast engines on them, and racing it.

It's probably a sexual thing you don't know about.

That reminds me of that scene in Scary Movie... 3, I believe.

Or at least that's the excuse he is gonna use for getting it haha.

Maybe his embracing his redneck side and is gonna try racing lawn mowers?

This is one of the most confusing FML's I've ever read.

The dad bought a lawn mower that you can ride on. However, they do not have a lawn to mow. How are you confused?