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Today, I took a army-mandated personality evaluation test. The results said I had a high chance of schizophrenia and multiple personality syndrome. Part of me says that the test is probably spot-on, the other part says it has to be a mistake. Apparently this is another sign of schizophrenia. FML
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ArmyIT tells us more.

It's not like it's something I just decided was a symtom. It was my psychiatrists opinion/word that it was. They now want me to do further testing. its just disheartening to know that I could lose my job over this.

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they can't fire all of you.

well let's wait for the third person to come in with the tie breaker


don't stress it. you'll be okay. go see a doctor so they can help you out if you think it's serious enough though

Don't worry, tests like that bring a black and white view to your mental state. I constantly fall into the categories for Aspergers and Bipolarism, and was treated for ADHD until it ****** with my heart and then put me on medication for depression. Tests mean nothing.

I had a similar experience. I had depression to begin with though. My ADHD meds caused me to have a heart arrhythmia.

well let's wait for the third person to come in with the tie breaker

They're probably in hiding because the other two are after them. . .

Me and I think that's ****** up

army of one... ish

That's absolute crap. Indecisiveness is NOT a symptom of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia means "split mind. " while indecisiveness may seem to fall under that, what "split mind" really means is the separation of the mind from the body, meaning the body does not act the way the mind does, leading in sudden actions and hallucinations. Look it up on Scishow on YouTube, they have a video 4 commonly misused psychological terms.

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also: there is no way you'd have gotten both of thosecresults because MPS isn't even called that (it's called DID), and almost never does DID come together with schizophrenia. and I have a very hard time believing you'd make a joke about it if you did. and IF you were to have those disorders you would be a bad human for making others with them feel like they're joking.

Some people use humour to cope, 53. In fact, my girlfriend, who has schizophrenia, is a member of a mental health comedy group. All the members have some sort of mental disorder, and they do stand up comedy to raise awareness and funds for mental health. A bunch of their material is really just talking about various aspects of their disorder/how it affects their life and joking about it.

@53 - I dated a girl with both, humor is a great way to cope. Also, idiots like you think that saying "multiple personalities" makes a person less credible when the change of dissociative identity was fairly recent and not heavily portrayed in the media. Just because you call it the 'correct' name doesn't validate your argument or invalidate anybody else's.

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As a mental health assistant I have to agree with 60 & 65. My patients are very open about their illnesses and often like to joke about it because it is one of the best coping mechanisms there is. OP if you really do have schizophrenia don't sweat it and try to get the help you need. There are many mental hospitals that offer programs for those who want but can't afford treatment. There is also many organizations and classes you can visit to learn more about the illness. As of right now though you are undiagnosed, you can't only go by the results from a test. My advice is go see a therapist and if he diagnoses you then take charge. I really hope it all goes well.

It'll be OK, OP. I used to be schizophrenic, but we're OK now!

You're referring to multiple personality disorder. Not schizophrenia. They are different things

Multiple Personality Disorder got renamed to Dissociative Identity Disorder, actually. But your point stands - it's NOT the same thing as schizophrenia.

I hope OP gets to be OK and TREATED for an ILLNESS that they might HAVE.

Agree with #2, it mostly just puts you in a corner without any real proof except a few answers how you felt at that moment. If I do tests like that a lot of things come up, but I don't have any mental disease that I know of!

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different people have different symptoms, there's even two forms of schizophrenia

8- Like 34 said, schizophrenia comes out differently in different people. There are loads of different symptoms, obviously not every schizophrenic is going to experience every single symptom.

What specific part? Your witness thinks it's a mistake?

We'll split personalities are not that bad. You're never alone. Could also result in been twice as clever