Panic on the streets of Sydney

By MyPrecious... - 11/03/2015 00:33 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I thought the ring my boyfriend bought for me had fallen off while emptying the trash into the bin. After panicking and emptying a week's worth of rubbish onto the ground, I found my ring safe and sound. On my other hand. FML
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That's still better than having actually lost the ring in the garbage

Let me give you a hand with that. It's right where you left it.


ExtremeEncounter 32

Better than actually losing it, I guess. You obviously cared about it if you were willing to do that. I'm sure he's happy to be with you.

well shit... :") bahahaha cant help it i guess.

I can only imagine how you'll be with kids

When I was a baby my mother did the exact same thing: she was in a grocery store and saw I wasn't in the stroller and starting freaking out, before realizing she was carrying me the whole time.

"OMG I CAN'T FIND MY BABY! I MUST OF LEFT HER AT DAYCARE!" meanwhile baby is in the stroller she's pushing.

People just need to learn to sloooow dooown :P So much multi-tasking going on that our minds easily get scattered and distracted from what's right in front of us.

what matters is that you still have it OP

maddieex 14

"Today, my girlfriend emptied a weeks worth of thrash all over the floor because she thought she lost the ring I gave her, while it was on the other hand the whole time. FML"

That's still better than having actually lost the ring in the garbage

I think everyone has had moments like this. My mother once asked where her phone was... While talking to me on the phone. :)

This has happened to me several times before. It's usually very funny to whoever I'm talking to.

would you happen to be blonde, that would make it funnier.

Hold on... so you didn't notice the damn ring while or even before you were emptying the trash?

But at least it isn't actually lost be thankful for that