By LizGo - 17/11/2013 06:00 - United States - Greenville

Today, after just having used the bathroom, my ring fell in the toilet. After stealthily removing it with a toothbrush, I went to go wash it in the sink. It then fell down the drain. FML
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Good luck retrieving that butterfingers.

Now you need a new ring and a new toothbrush.


Good luck retrieving that butterfingers.

Don't most sinks have a part in the pipe where objects fall into and only water gets out of, designed exactly for this kind of scenario? Not all hope is lost, OP!

Guess OP is going to have to wait for the next PayDay for that ring

#21 - Yeah it's called a P-Trap and they aren't hard to take apart. They're primarily made to hold sewage gases from coming out of your drain with a water barrier, but they also can hold objects that do not float.

Sounds like you should just go back to bed an try again tomorrow.

I'm sure if you go under the sink and look in the Watchamacallit you'll find it. Though sometimes these things Skittle down the drain further.

It's the real beginning of "The Series of Unfortunate Events" The book series.

If it was an engagement ring, this might be a hint that your marriage will go down the drain

Or a sign that it needs to be resized.

#2: Uh no. It's a sign that OP is clumsy and soap makes rings slippery.

I don't see why op would have soapy hands over the toilet while pooping/peeing.

What was she supposed to use to clean the fecal matter off? Spit?

BRLHP - I am having trouble discerning if you're trolling or just a disgusting cretin who doesn't wash his hands after using the restroom.

@Doc & Welsh: I think he is referring to washing her hands DURING using the restroom, not after.

Uhh I don't understand EITHER of you! The question is how did the ring fall down the toilet. Obviously, her hands should not normally be soapy and above the bathroom at the same time under normal circumstances... and THAT is where clumsiness comes in. Any more questions?

47- unless OP's the kind of person that wipes sitting down...

Now you need a new ring and a new toothbrush.

Toothbrush yes. Ring? That depends. For all we know it could have been OP's wedding ring.

Rule #1 of washing any jewelry is plugging the drain first. It's pretty instinctual to me.

The ring most likely isn't lost. It probably ended up in the trap (the "U" shaped pipe under the sink). A large wrench is all that's required to retrieve it. It's pretty simple to do.

If OP's ring kept falling off maybe it was a bit big for her

For all you may know OP can't afford a naw ring

Looks like your marriage is going down the toilet. And don't bother trying to save it, it'll just end up back down in the drain

In most houses it is really easy to get things from the drain, just unscrew the pipes under the sink and voila!

"Two hours later I got it out the drain and then the dog ate it..."

This OP would have to rummage through poop as well.

How do you stealthily remove anything from the toilet with a toothbrush? And of all the instruments available to you, you chose to put a TOOTHBRUSH in the toilet? You seriously need to reexamine your priorities.