By MJjunior - Australia
Today, I started my first day working at a toddler day care center. At one point I decided to play "got your nose" with one of the kids. It turns out this kid has a physical birth abnormality on his face. I got his nose... his prosthetic nose. FML
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  Merylwen  |  24

That poor child is going to have a horrible life... Other kids will make fun of him at school, and I bet that won't even stop when he's an adult.

By  ifailplzinsultme  |  0

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  Pendragon525  |  0

This guy works with these children at a day care center. You'd better believe he needs to know about the special needs kids in his care, and he needs to know BEFORE he begins to work with them! It could be disasterous otherwise.

By  clue_me_in  |  20

Wow. I also have nothing clever to say.