By MJjunior - 31/08/2011 16:04 - Australia

Today, I started my first day working at a toddler day care center. At one point I decided to play "got your nose" with one of the kids. It turns out this kid has a physical birth abnormality on his face. I got his nose... his prosthetic nose. FML
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Oh shit... Wonder if Micheal Jackson's kids would play that game... In your defense however, you didn't know.

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the golden rule: keep your hands to yourself! this wouldn't have happened if you did, creeper. lol :(

...But everyone nose about Johnny's birth abnormality..?

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35 Haha I see what you did there.

Did anyone realize the username of OP? hahaha good one

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That poor child is going to have a horrible life... Other kids will make fun of him at school, and I bet that won't even stop when he's an adult.

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Ever read the book Thinner by Stephen King? That gypsy had no nose. Just sayin'.

That is a one in a million chance right there...

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0.o what are the chances of that happening...

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0.o what are the chances of that happening...

Yeah, the kid must have been mortified!

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Dude, the OP must be mortified! Holy ****! I would literally shit myself if that happened! OMFG. Or faint... O.O

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OP must feel so bad! Poor kid:(

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Oh cut the sentimental bullshit people, this comment is funny and you know it.

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I know I'm horrible person.... and I could see "onelegged" in your username. I hit a touchy area?

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Add an a between I'm and horrible. Oops

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5. Boom this comment is awesome.

134-do u really have one leg??and I agree with u

People who thumbed this down, humor is sometimes cynical. That doesn't mean they meant the joke seriously.

Rofl thats the funniest thing I've read all day. Pat yourself on the back for that snappy comment

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Haha I know I went too far. Oh well if I offended you I'm sorry

I guess she doesn't have a leg to stand on

The day care centre didn't warn you in advance? Then I guess it's a 'fyl' moment because you couldn't have known.

Well it must be a pretty convincing prosthetic. Lucky kid.

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They can make really realistic prosthetics these days but, op there really is no way to recover from that...

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whats lucky bout bein noseless besides being able to greet ladies with the swift removal of your nose

It could be a really cool party trick when the kid gets older.

Thad horrible but hillarious I'm an awful person

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Lmaoo I KNEW somebody was gonna say that... I just didn't wAnna be the one to d do it....RIP MJ

isn't this why teachers working at daycare centers saying "keep your hands to yourselves" ? /: tsk, tsk, tsk; you kinda deserved it . poor kid .

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How did he deserve it? He didn't know.

Because every stupid person expect people to know everything about everyone! That's why he thinks OP deserved it.

This guy works with these children at a day care center. You'd better believe he needs to know about the special needs kids in his care, and he needs to know BEFORE he begins to work with them! It could be disasterous otherwise.

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Wow. I also have nothing clever to say.

If you don't have anything to say, here's an idea, genius: DON'T SAY ANYTHING.

I think he's trying to get the badge for writing lots of comments. :p

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the amusing part about that is since the comment has been down voted so much, it doesn't count!