By Anonymous - 31/08/2011 14:23 - United Kingdom

Today, I spent thirty minutes in the shower trying to remove "Pierre", a face complete with moustache that my girlfriend drew in sharpie on the tip of my cock. FML
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aruam365 24

why the hell would you let anyone near your penis with a sharpie??


aruam365 24

why the hell would you let anyone near your penis with a sharpie??

Roll playing maybe, a weird fetish where OP's girlfriend likes to lick faces?

LiveLaughFML 10

this reminds me of those commercials where someone's at a party, they fall asleep and the people at the party take advantage of them by drawing on their faces and stuff, lol! 8D


He could have been sleeping when she did it.

I think it sounded like a good idea at the time.

This sounds suspiciously like that one scene from Dinner for Shmucks.

flockz 19

ya it will definetly cum off after he rubs it for 30 minutes. i bet he's ready to explode!! you know cuz he's angry...

If you wanted a circumcision you might let someone with a sharpie near your ****. I don't see why anyone would want to draw a face on a **** though :/

Geez why are you freaking out it's not like anyones gonna see it

KiddNYC1O 20

Flockz's comment was actually fair...

Only the OP's girlfriend and him will see this though, At least he wasn't duct taped to the ceiling and painted like a clown :)

Now it's time to turn her tongue and lips black!

Christianrules 1
tsim_fml 0

You can just ********** with soap... works perfectly well

tsim_fml 0

You can just ********** with soap... works perfectly well

Not a major loss assuming she lets pierre visit her throat.

The incorrect English in this OP is REALLY bugging me.

Nikkitaria 9

A face is never complete without a moustache!

I feel so incomplete T_T Daaamn you, sucky hair growth!

BellaBelle_fml 23

Freddie Mercury's moustache=EPIC!

Just apply soap and ********** really really fast!

CaptainPickles72 18

Not to fast though! Pierre throws up on fast rides. D:

@4: That explains your fugly girlfriend.

frankq555 3

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Iknoweverything 29

Can we try that again in English please?

I think I can translate that... Your dick is so big that your girlfriend can put a face on it.

People can draw faces on pinkies, so I don't know wtf 6 is talking about.

So your face is big for the fact that she can put a dick on it?

rebekahah 7

Dude, they make fine tip sharpies. :P

bizarre_ftw 21

The **** did I just try to comprehend?

She could have been much more imaginative than drawing a french man, count yourself lucky!

With your hairy pubes, it already looked like a terrorist.

You're girlfriend, my dear sir, is awesome! Or should I say: Ta copine, mon cher monsieur, est impressionnant!

Je ne suis pas français. Google Translate est mon ami!;D

Translation: your companion/significant other, something about dear man, is impressive. The other guy then said you were intelligent. I'm so smart at French I think.

Actually, I said "Your companion, my (mon) dear (cher) sir (monsieur),[...]" But I did make a mistake when I translated #14's comment :) I beg you pardoooon ;D

TheLastChild 8

Ta copine, mon cher monsieur, est géniale. Would be the correct format, I believe :) so you almost had it!

Copine is friend, wouldnt you say it differently..?

TheLastChild 8

Actually "petite copine" would indicate a significant other. So yes.

Why thank you, dear sir! Another learning moment, right here! Delightful^^

Je ne sais pas parle e comprehend la Francais...Canadian French :)

We used to say "petite copine" but now "copine" works as well. We say "amie" for friend.

abewho21 3

Umm what lol yo no se lo que están hablando =( pero me sale chistoso gracias por haciendo me reír un poco =)

SoBeRoNeR 0

ajdjr skcurneu kahxhebdi!translate that frenchies;)

MerrikBarbarian 9

copine is formal French is it not? Amie is conversational. and auto correct really hates typing in French it seems...

No he said she isn't intelligent. The n' and pas make it negative.

110 yo tambien ich spreche deutsch und spanisch auch!!

what if she got ink in the piss hole????? how awesome would that be?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

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yamatelle 19

Imagine if the alcohol gets in his penis hole...Oh dear God!!! I'm a woman and I can still feel that. Let me just say that this is not the best idea...

uffiewuffie 0

Alcohol probably got him into this situation in the first place. :p

kylebeast11 0

Ur a ******* idiot alcohol?On ur penis?Wow u r a dumb ass that wud burn like hell

yamatelle 19

96- DAMN! Is that how you talk to your elders? If you disagree, just say it. You don't necessarily have to insult her. She is 49 and you're 16...

#24 - I feel that there should be an FML out there with your nick on it....

86 but a hand is a lonely penis's best friend

iAmScrubs 19

Pierre will have his revenge tomorrow night. Your weapon will be used against you.

Lmao This reminds me of the Robot Chicken episode where this guy got a penis transplant from a serial killer and his dick started trying to kill people.