By Anonymous - 10/06/2010 19:26 - United States

Today, I walked into work to see my boss's hot son. I wanted him to notice me, so I did my "sexy walk". I then slipped and fell onto my desk, broke my desk, and sprained my wrist. Oh he noticed me alright. FML
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you're asking for it by trying to date the boss's kid....anyone have an example of that working out? ever?

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o that's ok! ha ha I bet that was funny


kalopadi 0

o that's ok! ha ha I bet that was funny

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Wow op.. That desk had a wife and kids and you broke it! Shame on you.

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fyl. ur bosses son should be punished for being sexy around you. maybe if you had sex with me it would make u feel better?

It's probably best to not try to get with your bosses son :P

well that's sexy, I guess.

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what's up people!!!!!

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That must have been a shitty desk, or your a heavy one, OP.

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ohman, sounds like something i would do. hahaa, well if he has a sence of humor Im sure he didn't see it as a badd thing.. who knows, he could have thought it was cute

hahaha that's funnnny- but like 16 said- it's not the brightest idea to get with your bosses son! :/

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Ashleigh, you're not my bosses kid, are you?;)

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OP you should of just been yourself and he would notice you, I think. Hey Cassie I thought you left after that whole Cookie is better then Rawr. But Now that you are here there isn't any hate. So hello!!!

heii u got what you wanted so ydi

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ops an attention whoree!!!!!!

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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Better luck next time?

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 ©®

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I see Tokio finally got tired of people thinking she was a dude.

missrachiee is too fine

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hahah I like doing my sexy walk

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u have a sexy walk?

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nope lol

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45 is a dime

it's okay op boys love clumsy chicks

sounds like something you will be laughing about in a week or so, and this should be a great story to tell.

101- yeah. hopefully it'll stop now.

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OMG Is #7 a boy or a girl? I can't tell because of my lack of intellect! Curse you mother and father, for raising me to believe that short hair equals a dude. Maybe I am retarded..... I think I will facepalm myself with a duck. That'll prove everything wrong.

123- hahahahahahahaa! that's the best thing I've read all day. XD

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Thank you. I try. The game also tries to make everyone lose.

I hate the game 

well the only thing to make this worse is to later find out the son was gay...bum ba baaaaa!!! :0

goddamnit. the game. i lost it. and it's 12:33. :,(

136- hi again! :D glad you like my picture. :p hopefully no more gender confusion!

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hahaha ydi for trying to be all sexy...

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thug aim.

Hahaha facepalm :b

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that's pretty funny maybe you shouldn't try to impress people

yea, all of you are cool for replying to the first post.

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yea! way to be Oreo!!! you are now COOL too!.... oh. and now I am too! :)

69 you're gorgeous. (Im a straight girl, so I'm just stating a fact!)

#45 you are beautiful

to many sexy women on fml fml :( hahah

69 and 45 = sexiest people I've seen on fml

lmao, sure you're straight

No my name is Heather why?

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You shouldn't walk like that. Ever. ><

lol it's no bother :3

karmas a bitch hahaha

OP, one word for you, MILF.

^^^Listen to her she know what she is talking about (I think) lol

oh well you might get a pity drink now lol

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Trap set and sprung!

I think you need some practice.

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lol. ydi though

new fetish? any one wanna help me film a porno were girls trip and break office equipment?

lol awwww well Maybe he has a sence of humor

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ha ha sucks for u!

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Poor Desk...

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paid2think, that's a great picture.

you're asking for it by trying to date the boss's kid....anyone have an example of that working out? ever?

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Phil Jackson and Jeannie Buss. There is a great example right there.

I'm dating my manager's son, and I've never been happier. My manager doesn't give two shits, as long as he doesn't interfere with my work ethic, which he hasn't :)

Omg I hate when that happens!

Do you break desks often?

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I pictured an old snl skit starring Chris farley

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Isn't this what always happens when someone tries to look sexy and impress someone? :/