By Anonymous - 09/10/2015 16:58 - United States - Portland

Today, I went in for an interview for my first ever job. Just seconds after meeting the boss, I slipped on the linoleum floor. I was wearing a skirt. FML
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So in other words you got the job?

Did you play it off and wink or apologize


So in other words you got the job?

You all do realize if the boss is indeed a man and she only gets hired because he caught a glimpse of her panties that this could be more problematic than lucky? Harassment is the first thing that'll happen. Come on guys

#1 was just joking #36, I hope

conman531 23

Better hope she was wearing panties

@36. its a joke, not a dick. dont take it so hard

Well.. If he was a man that might give you a better shot at the job. Don't know if that's a good or a bad thing tho..

Seems I've been doing my interviews all wrong. Next time I'll go in wearing a leather body harness and brandish a whip. That's sure to get me hired.

hannah_dl 11

*Cringes* Double fail. Little sexism then a tryhard edgelord reply. xD

Don't forget the vibrating G string

you're fired... I mean hired

Were you commando though?

Wear underwear

Did you play it off and wink or apologize

Darkhosis 11

Hope you got the job!

So did you get the job?

Don't sweat it accidents happen. Plus You'll get a lot better idea about his personality depending on how he responds to that

Sounds like a bad anime. Have you checked to make sure your hair isnt bright green?