By gb - 18/08/2011 05:18 - Australia

Today, I was dancing with the 4 hottest girls I've ever seen at a club, and I fainted. FML
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TaylorTotsYumm 10

Blood rush to your other head too fast?

aFatFuck 0

That's when you know you're grinding the chick to hard


aFatFuck 0

That's when you know you're grinding the chick to hard

Next time try 2 at a time. Take it easy, cowboy.

allstarfave 0

Your pic is exactly what he experienced right before passing out

TheRealHouse 7

At first I thought it said farted.. that would have at least been funny. you sir are an embarresment to our gender. I've recently discovered that this website is the best place to go to confiscate man cards. Because you got those girls to dance with you in the first place and you at least tried, I'll give you one more shot. but I'm watching you...

yamatelle 19

I know this marine officer who's more afraid of talking to girls than getting shot in the head. Compared to that I actually think OP took it pretty well.

Harry potter thinks taking out a hungurian horntail dragon is easier than asking a girl out to the Yule ball. I don't think he fainted though.

1 or when they smell like Satan's ass gas.

47, you weren't lying when you said you were going to steal that line :P As for the OP, don't get yourself too down over it. 4 girls is more than most the guys I know could get to dance with them at once.

A man can only take so much hotness at once.

I find it really amusing how intimidated guys are by girls. We're not that scary, really. I'd like to say YDI, because 4 girls? Overkill. But fainting sucks, so FYL. Take it easy next time, bro.

Look at it this way, it's like a race and you lost. Who knows what happened to you while you fainted. On the other hand if you get in there first next time try the.... "Does this rag smell like chloroform girls?" Works every time son.

Actually he was enlisted! There is a difference!

PeytonBieda 8

I thought of the EXACT same thing when I read this post.

what op is really trying to say is that while they were grinding he got a little too "excited" and so then the girls called security and he ended up getting tased

74 - Girls are terrifying. The very thought of socializing with anything other then Bobo the invisible monkey is kinda scary for me... But girls... They're like T-Rex's with t-shirts.

*music note* And I jizzed in my pants *music note* -op

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Hot girls used Sexy Dance! It's super-effective! OP fainted!

I know your right last time I ended up with a cracked hip and third degree friction burns.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Blood rush to your other head too fast?

Maybe he just wanted someone nearby to resuscitate him?

Unless you have a conjoined foetus somewhere, OTHER head pretty much covers it.

GwarKitty 5

First thing I thought when I read this OP. Win.

eminemchick 19

3 isnt ur pic from the collegehumor book?:D

I think all the blood rushed to his penis. no blood left for the brain.

-_- yea the OTHER head. the head of the penis?

ibedestinie 0

22 i'm just throwing ideas out but.. seeing as they said OTHER head and the only other head you have is on your dick.. i'm gonna say that one! dipshits..

the people who asked which head, your all ******* morons, it's not hard to understand dumbass.

So much for that fivesome that you were probably planning.

IadamkI 3

Lol at least 4 other guys had fun while you were passed out

almathis1994 6

Did those drugs make you sleepy? Did they also help you get the beer goggle effect?

Munchkin13 6

&& thats how you know you really dont be around that many girls since you couldn't handle that situation.

elmogoezRAWR 0

*That is how you know that you really aren't around that many girls, considering the fact that you couldn't handle this situation.

elmogoezRAWR 0

No problem, disembodied middle finger.

8: That is how we know you failed your english classes considering the fact you can't write.

Munchkin13 6

Umm okayy? I'm aware of my 'bad grammar' on this but I just don't feel the need to write perfect on this since its just a website to lighten you up and make you laugh, not for you to go around and correct people on what how write their comments.

He clearly jizzed in his pants BEFORE he fainted. It would be the logical explanation.

RedPillSucks 31

If you can't stand the heat...

btnhdude 0

beat the meat.... like it owes you money.