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Today, I hugged my dad. Since I don't hug him very much, he was confused. When I pulled away from him, smiling, he slapped me, saying the smiling and the hug made it look like I was "up to something." FML
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teentee401 tells us more.

Nope, I'm pretty sure that isn't it since I'm a girl.

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Well now we know why you don't hug your dad very often...

"why are you squeezing me with your body?"


Well now we know why you don't hug your dad very often...

It's too bad. Dads are great for hugs.

That is if you're not jittering afraid of them.

Get him charged for child abuse

JMichael 25

I don't think that's enough to charge him for abuse 26. Sometimes when children don't show a lot of affection towards a parent it confuses them when they do and the parent doesn't always react well.

sempisaviour 17

#1 is autistic probably. Why would anyone still love JB?

World_Burner 13

#26, please never have kids..

RenoTheRhino 30

26, who said OP was a child?

#29 'doesn't react well'? He slapped his kid for hugging him. That's way beyond any normal reaction, even if he was surprised at the hug.

You guys are all cold hearted idiots I would hate to see you guys as parents...

#89, that's not child abuse. It's mere confusion, & it caught OP's dad off-guard. Please re-educate yourself before making an uneducated statement like that again.

Why would you slap someone for being up to something? That's not confusion. The fact that that's a response he would have towards someone being up to something isn't right. It might not be child abuse, but in my book it's definitely some sort of physical abuse.

Okay, let me clear some things up just so the police aren't called: 1. I am a girl 2. My dad knows I'm not a very affectionate person and NOT a hugger, so he was kind of surprised when I hugged him. My dad isn't much of a hugger either. I just happened to be in a good mood that day. 3. It's a running joke that I only hug him when I want something, so that's why he accused me. 4. It was more of a playful slap (although I did stagger a bit). So no need to call CPS. 5. My dad is NOT a dick, asshole, etc. He was just joking around. I just posted this cause I thought it would be funny. 6. To the people that say I need to hug him more: We have a very strong relationship even with minimal hugging. And there are times when the tables are turned and he attacks me with a hug, and I'm the suspicious one! As for if I was up to something or not...well that's for you guys to decide. >:)

Profile pic goes perfectly with the post xD

So? did you get what you were up to?

OP, that sounds like my relationship with my dad. Thanks for sharing and adding the follow-up, because I could really relate!

ArashiGirl 13

Dude you should've explained that in your FIRST explanation.


Is your dad Alan Rickman? xD

Damn it! So close to finally getting #1

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4- I don't think OP really wants to hug the dad anymore after that.

World_Burner 13

I still hug my dad after he tried to run me over with a boat. A slap is pretty much just a hug for dads' lol

Lil_Red777 21

Wtf why would he try to run you over????

If a slap is equivalent to a hug in your family, I'm glad I'm not a part of it.

47, would you like to join my family, where hugs still mean hugs?

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#46, he blamed it on the suntan lotion.. but

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I didn't think it was a parents instinct to not trust their children O.o Unless of course they did something to lose trust.

Well, I see your point that it wasn't instinct, but he probably guessed that due to incidents in the past.

RenoTheRhino 30

It sounds like he needs more than a few hugs to show him that he doesn't have to be such a mean fella.

Sounds like he needs a good slap himself.

"why are you squeezing me with your body?"

Since you said you don't hug him often I get why he was confused, but I think slapping you was taking it a bit far...

ThomasBombadil 31

I'm sorta wondering if OP was up to something.

That was the first thing that I thought, because it kind of does seem like OP is up to something...

jamescrazy96 17

Not after I got slapped in my face for it I wouldn't.

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i like how this comment got upvoted but the other one saying pretty much the same thing got downvoted