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Today, I started my new job. It seems my colleagues are moronic pranksters, because when I leaned back in my chair, the backrest came apart and I fell to the ground, to much laughter. My boss immediately shouted at me to, "Stop fucking about." I thought this only happened in movies. FML
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  SuaSponte  |  1

1- I have a hard time seeing somebody walk out of a job just because their colleagues played a little prank on them, especially when it's the first day of the job.

  iLickRainbows  |  2

It's hard to fathom from Swag, Swagasfan would quit their job on the first day because of a little prank. Not very swag-like. Why should we go easy on "'em" (their sex is displayed in their profile).

  humorizer  |  14

The way I see it, the chair could have been old or falling apart to begin with. They may have just been laughing because they found it funny to see someone suddenly fall from their seat.

By  p3mguin  |  7

It'll be bad if they only prank you, but If they prank each other than you can have some laughs too! If it gets out of Hand then tell them or a manager that you didn't do anything wrong it was just a prank.