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  myoukei  |  31

It may be cleaner yeah, but if op's mom wants her to pretend to be a maid, it's probably more lavish? I have a feeling that it's a status thing more than anything and that the op is doing better for herself than the mom is...

By  thejonac  |  21

sorry but i guess she's just not confident enough of her own image to act as an independent hostess and homemaker so she needs your guidance and she's too afraid to introduce you bc she's scared you'll steal the limelight

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

So what? I'm still not going to break into someone's house (even if I have a key), throw a party, then have the gall to ask them to pretend to be my maid when they get home! No one's excused from that stupidity and OP's mom doesn't somehow deserve the limelight for it.