By Username - 21/01/2011 01:41

Today, while trying to explain to my date that a small coffee would be fine, I said "I'm cheap and I'm easy". FML
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She left you right? right?

Sounds like the perfect women to me


She left you right? right?

what's wrong with that? it's just a good little joke to break the ice. i would have laughed.

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If you are what you eat, then I'm cheap, fast and bad for you. - bumper sticker

then you're also fat^^

in this economy i dont blame you.

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If you are what you eat then I don't exist ;)

I eat people what does that make me a person ? no that's to easy

It makes you a Humanitarian.

23 would be whatever her meal had ate. Example: If someone eats broccoli they are therefore broccoli ( you are what you eat rule in effect ). If you eat them they would be broccoli, so you would be eating broccoli and then be broccoli.

Sounds like the perfect women to me

you mean a slore (slut + whore. oh yes, yes I did)? yes. yes it does.

slores are great u barley have to talk to em and they'll fuck u

you may barely have to talk to them but prices are INSANE!!!! (even though she says she's cheap)

haha! so, your cheap and easy!! get over it!!

I think he got it;)

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So did you get some or not?

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Cold coffee and hot sex? Or vice versa...

hahahaha youre a g dude

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lol wonder how the rest of that night went.


wait y would u say that

well hellooooo

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u just wanted him to know you were a whore!!! lol jk but you definitely let him know he was getting some that night

OP is a girl. they went some where and she just ordered a small coffee. then she said this

Oh wow, you're a life saver! Thanks so much for pointing out the obvious and restating the FML. You're my hero!