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Today, while trying to quietly sneak a midnight snack with my girlfriend, I was slowly opening the pantry door so I wouldn't wake my mother. My girlfriend came and swung open the door onto my foot, taking the top layer of skin with it. FML
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By  kra1985  |  8

If you cant get a midnight snack with your girlfriend in your moms house with her knowing you must be too young to have your girlfriend at your moms house that late anyway


18- You've never noticed all the adult humor in Spongebob? When I was little that stuff went waaaay over my head. When I watch it now I actually get all the jokes and it's hilarious.

  license2chill  |  5

I had similar experience before, it was also late at night and I was looking for food, I kicked the sharp corner of a hard wood furniture with bare toes by accident, I felt something was screaming inside my body...


Well it could've pealed off more than one layer of skin to where it started bleeding, or from the bottom of the door, it could've broken a bone in ops foot (by smashing a bone in his foot down and breaking the bone in half).