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Today, I went for a job interview. Before giving me a tour, the manager pointed to my purse and said, "Better leave that in my office." I didn't know why it was safer in her office than on my shoulder, but I complied. Later, I went to buy coffee and discovered that all my cash was missing. FML
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Actually since it is only a small amount taken it would be taken to small claims court where it would only cost anywhere from $15 to $100 not thousands of dollars.

I was using an exaggeration to put into perspective the ridiculous claims some people use as an excuse to sue. It's gotten to the point where if you drop a pen on the floor and it breaks, someone automatically yells "Sue the pen manufacturers!"

How would this claim be ridiculous though? The OP had their money stolen from their purse whilst it was in the care of the manager and if the manager refuses to reimburse OP she has every legal right to sue them. I'm not saying OP should there are of course other ways she can go about it this but if it came to it she could sue them and then any legal fees get added to the judgement as well for them to pay if OP won of course.

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If they don't want a bad image then as soon as you bring up suing them and they see you actually have a case they will reimburse the OP anyway because as you said they wouldn't want the bad press. But I agree with what you I personally wouldn't go running straight to the courts either I would talk to the manager then if that didn't work the managers boss. If they still wouldn't reimburse and were also assholes bout it then I would seek legal action more on principle than wanting my money back by then though lol.

Just curious why you would leave the cash in it? Common sense isn't so common these days.

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It was out of her obliviousness that she left her purse in the office to begin with.

31 - Isn't that just a strawman argument? That's usually seen as a bad way to argue.

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62 All I'm saying is power trip.

@1 Damn straight! The employees should be penalized and the money should be restored and nobody should be allowed to go home when their shift is over and they don't get overtime. Problem solved. That should go on until the money is given back or someone gives money.

67, you can't detain people at work without paying them overtime. That's illegal. And the purse was in locked in the manager's office so if anyone took it it was the manager. As far as suing goes it's OP's word against their's. She would lose in a court case because it's hard to prove that you had cash and how much cash there was in the purse.

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walmartpaysme, I seemingly have to work on my reading comprehension because I read and re-read the fml and I didn't see anything about a "locked" office

37- I know this is messed up but your profile pic makes me mad for some reason

You have a point llamacod. Still, the manager tells her to leave it in the office and money gets stolen. Sounds like the manager did it or at least had something to do with it.

You couldn't sue someone over a criminal matter. This is something the police should sort out as there has clearly been a crime. Suing people can only happen where you've been 'wronged' in some way, but there wasn't a crime (eg. if you were injured but it was someone else's fault for not taking care). It's a matter for the civil court, not the criminal court.

86, it's still just OP's word against their word. There is no way to prove OP had cash in her purse, or how much was in there. People lie about things like that everyday.

I would still have brought my bag with me..

Exactly! why would you just leave it especially when you don't even know anyone their. That was very stupid of you.

There* Use your common sense to auto correct the error.

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I'm pretty sure they can't force you to leave your purse anywhere unless you were taking a drug test or something.

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Believe it or not, it's actually an important skill in life. Especially coming from her future(or maybe not now) boss.

So you should listen to the asinine advice of a potential boss? Even when you know it's faulty? Look, OP knew that it was a bad idea, she knew it was better to hold on to the purse but she decided to listen instead of speaking out. Do you really think saying 'no thanks, I fell more comfortable with my bag' is going to make you lose the job? But you know what your right, listening is so important, far more than voicing your own opinion. I mean what can go wrong, definitely not having someone steal your money.

50, calm down. It's fairly reasonable to not expect money stolen from a purse in the managers office.

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If your boss tells you to jump off a cliff then you better do it.

Go back there and get your money op! They are liable for asking you to leave your purse.

That sucks don't take a job there if offered as they've already screwed you over!

You totally deserve it for being soo ignorant.

Looks like someone wants to get voted down...

How the hell does that make her ignorant? She was robbed of her money!!

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9 - and you're totally deserving all the thumbs down you're getting because you're "soo ignorant"

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#9 you're the ignorant one. How can OP deserve being robbed?

Report it to the owner or the corporate office.

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Not sure why you listened, but I hope you can get your money back!

You should have just said no that's cool I would prefer to keep it with me. Also I would be going to them and saying yeah since you suggested for me to leave it in your office then I think you really need to reimburse me for the money that was stolen from me. Also if it was a bit of money taken you can always try and take them to small claims court but I guess that's only if ya really want the money back or if they're really being assholes about it.