By catsofly7 - 30/01/2011 13:43 - United States

Today, I had a job interview at 9:00am. I left at around 8:30am, and as soon as I got in the car to drive to the interview, I checked my phone again, and it said 10:33. My boyfriend had decided to change the time on my clock as a "joke." FML
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Man that sucks, dump that zero and find a hero!


Survey says: Phallus! Sorry guys, you don't get any points there.

I take it u have not met every1luvsboners......

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When has knowing all the synonyms for the word "penis" ever helped anyone in life? FYL, catsofly7. Next time something important's coming up, at least you'll know to double-check the clocks in your house the day before.

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6 - I don't see how that would help since he changed the alarm clock in her room not her cell phone clock.

you idiot, read it, it says "I checked my PHONE and IT said 10:33"

51 - And it says at the end that the boyfriend changed the time on her clock.

my mistake, i should have reread the FML.

That is no joke. That's pretty passive aggressive...

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thats ****** up. hes an asshole and ruined your chance at a job, you deserve better than that.

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the first thing i said when i read this was... arrrr fuckk !!! :/