By suppressinggags - 18/03/2016 19:45 - United States - Kennett

Today, I found out that my stepsister loves sticking random household objects in her ear in an attempt to collect ear wax. I found out when I walked in on her trying to pick all the wax out of the bristles of my toothbrush. FML
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Her ear canal must be huge to fit a tooth brush in!

Tell her to use a ******* q-tip. That is disgusting


dca101 23

That's disgusting OP! Start using her things to clean the toilet until she stops.

Her ear canal must be huge to fit a tooth brush in!

Never use that tooth brush again, that's for sure.

That's so nasty, I guess that toothbrush is hers now though.

Tell her to use a ******* q-tip. That is disgusting

You're not even supposed to do that really. It just ends up pushing the wax on further

Been using a qtip my entire life never had a problem

Doesn't mean it won't cause one though. Really you aren't supposed to 'clean' your ears because that's what ear wax does.

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You aren't technically supposed to use q tips to remove earwax, but if it works, it works. Been using them all of my life and have had my ears checked many times, never once have I had impacted or clogged up ears. It really comes down to the person and their ears. If you aren't good with your hands and your ears get gunked up, buy a twenty dollar ear cleaning kit, seriously.

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That's just disgusting and quite honestly, disrespectful. I would confront her on that, using someone else's belongings, especially those that go into your mouth, without their permission for such a vile act is abhorrent.

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After you tell her to never EVER stick someone else's possessions into any of the various holes and crevices of her body again, get her to go see a doctor. Our ears are self-cleaning and even a q-tip can damage them and push the ear wax deeper into the canal. I cringe to think what she could've done with the bristles of a toothbrush.

And here I thought the most disturbing thing you could catch someone doing with your toothbrush was masturbating with it ... So wrong .