By Anonymous - 17/10/2015 08:17 - Australia

Today, I spent two hours researching ways to fake my death, just so I can escape my crazy, overbearing stalker of a mum. FML
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If it's truly that bad, you should consider a restraining order instead of taking measures as extreme as faking your own death.

She'd find you eventually if it is that bad


She'd find you eventually if it is that bad

whatunicorn 17

Or they could just grow a pair.

you might need to grow a brain, considering OP is a girl.

#23 you are right!! A sex change might work!!* *sarcasm

Consider joint therapy for you and her? Good luck with that

If it's truly that bad, you should consider a restraining order instead of taking measures as extreme as faking your own death.

A restraining order is just a piece of paper. "I don't care what a judge says; I am her MOTHER!" When it gets to the point where faking your own death is a serious consideration, it's past judicial orders.

JustinJK 21

As someone who lived 1500 miles away from their crazy mother a restraining order would do nothing. I can't even use my real name for online social medka, but she still finds me. I can't tell you how many phone numbers I've had to block. She'll randomly show up to my apartment or dad's house.... yeah a restraining order doesn't do much lol

You're supposed to contact the police if they don't follow the restraining order rules.

Move away, different state and all. Change your number. If you are close to any family make sure they won't dish out the new number. Forget social media sites. At least that's what I did.

Omg! *delete account*! *delete account*! Shit! Lol. Luckily I am old enough that I am confident she knows nothing about fml.

Back story would be great...this is what follow ups were made for OP!

This would be one of the BEST follow ups!!!!

Bad idea, once she figures out you're alive, she'll only be more restrictive than ever.

Restraining order, therapy, moving, don't do something as extreme as faking suicide. Imagine how that would make everyone else close to you feel. Sorry things are so bad for you Op.

Push your at over a cliff. Stater the car on fire. Change your name. Dye you hair. Move to Mexico. Enjoy you new life

expertsmilee 26

Lost me at enjoying life in Mexico

I can't read this xD I'm sorry, but that's pretty broken English..

Look for a job in the northern hemisphere. Don't tell her which continent, let alone country. Legally change your name, but don't tell any people you know back home. Get a new phone number and email. Get an extra email, under your old name, for friends and relatives, that you can easily throw away if she finds out. Good luck!

Get a stalking protective order or a no contact order. Restraining orders are specifically for someone you've had a sexual relationship with.

No. Restraining orders are for any victim of any kind of domestic violence by any former or present household member, regardless of relationship.

hahaha listen to the "lawyer" bloody know it alls on the interwebs - makes for some amusing advice though.