By save me - 30/05/2014 22:33 - Belgium - Antwerpen

Today, things got so bad with my mother-in-law that I seriously considered faking my entire family's deaths to escape it all. FML
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schhichick 14

Sounds like a true monster in law!

I wonder what atrocities she has done to make you think like that.


schhichick 14

Sounds like a true monster in law!

Maybe you should consider not faking hers.

r_bruce69 19

best thing to do with monsters is slay them

Matt_Hazard 16

Don't forget, Mother-in-Law is an anagram for "Woman Hitler".

Oh how lovely it is that we never get to choose our in-laws. I hope you and her will get along sooner or later, OP. (fyl for sure)

We DO get to choose our in-laws. No one should get married without dating long enough to know their future in-laws and how much of a role they will play in one's future.

So by your logic don't marry someone you love because of their mother?

One's future in-laws are one factor among many (but a very important one judging by OP's desire to fake his own death & the experiences of many others). No one should marry someone they don't love, but it takes more than love. One person might limit a bad mother's access to his/her life while another might continue to be codependent indefinitely. That's why there's no substitute for time in determining if the person you love is a good match for a lifetime together.

No. No. No. It is always better to kill the other person than yourself...even if your death will be fake. Why put yourself through the trouble when knocking her off would be so much fun?

I think faking one's death would be a fun activity. and less jail time than murder, if you get caught.

I am surprised Jesus is going the pro murder route....thought he was all pro-life and what not.

^^^someone with a fedora trying to incite an abortion debate. Don't fall for it!

This is a damn shame. So mothers in law suck!!! Am about to become a mother in law and am so excited to be everything my new daughter needs! I will be the best damn mother possible!

rachangie 19

That could be part of the problem....

SynysterNero 20

I feel like we are missing a big chunk of the story here.

raspution 21

I have one like that... my own wife wont tell her where we live and makes sure she doesn't get followed back the few times she visits her own mom.

joeyl2008 29

I'm sure that is an exaggeration.

6demon6spawn6 12

you married your wife, not her family, so you dont have to be around your mother in law.

It would be a bit hard if OP's partner is close to her. And she comes round every Sunday for tea and scones. Also OP kinda did marry her family. We all learned that from Shrek 2.

Uh OP never said they were female there's nothing in this post indicating gender except the fact they have a mother in law

#31 uh, except for the little gender symbol next to OPs name. it might not be the case for you, but thats where everyone is getting this little bit of information from.