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By Anonymous - 12/06/2009 04:41 - United States

Today, I discovered that my fiancé had tried to fake his own death because he thought it would be easier than confessing to the affair he was having. FML
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He obviously didn't do a good job. :/

why the hate? She didn't say he succeeded, only that he TRIED to fake his own death. It is not like she has believed this months over months. As for HOW he did it... how is she supposed to explain this within the character limit of an FML? My ex has done the very same thing. Faked his own death (he was in the army, living in Italy, where I was supposed to follow six months later), so it was easier for him. He faked his own death, and only because I snooped around in his email account one day (to delete it) did I realize he was living the good life with his new millionaire girlfriend. Sometimes life is just that: absolutely and utterly unbelievable


He obviously didn't do a good job. :/

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Lol! Looks like you dodged a bullet there. You could have married that crazy selfish coward.

Yeah, I find this hard to believe; I mean, faking your death is serious business. He'd have to move out of the city or state at minimum, right?

nah man, My Name Is Earl did it simply, so it's totally plausible

Seems that you've thought about this before.

Oh yeah total kill him, it'll make his confession easier.

Agree completely with #2..people take a long time planning it out and you just randomly caught him after all this? Sounds a bit weird.


Maybe he thought if he was already dead, you wouldn't kill him.