By hylianprincess - 25/09/2014 11:19 - United States

Today, my mother is so overdramatic that her response to finding out I lost a friend's book was that I should fake my own death rather than fess up. FML
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Aww, just buy your friend a new book.

Don't ever tell her if you lose your car/house keys!!


Aww, just buy your friend a new book.

no way!! a faked death would be so much more fun. and nobody goes to bookstores these days

orbit 22

They still have bookstores?

cadillacgal79 32

Yes they still have bookstores, but fangirls/boys and book lovers alike inhabit them. *hisses while standing in front of the door* my precious.....

It's pretty sad that you guys really think that nobody except "fangirls and fanboys" go to bookstores.

Don't ever tell her if you lose your car/house keys!!

Let's all remember that it is just a book

"Mom, I can't find the house keys" "... Now we can't ever get back into our home!! Time to move to a new country and start a new life!" "But don't we have a spare-" "IT'S TOO LATE NOW, WE NEED TO GO. THERE IS NO GOING BACK"

I'm sure she was kidding. But if she wasn't, that's pretty messed up...also, instead of just fessing up you should buy your friend a new book

My advice: do it in a creative, artistic manner. Trust me on this.

I advise OP's mother to start writing soap operas.

Why not just buy her a new book? Maybe your mom should get checked out to make sure she doesn't have a disorder, like bipolar disorder. That way they can give her some medicine to make her better.

Taking medication for everything that may be wrong with you isn't the best thing to do, you know

I think I sorta get your sense of humor. It is

#5 bipolar disorder is nothing like that though.

Chances are she isn't bipolar, sounds more like she's skitzo

thats not skitzophrenic sounding at all....

@29 & 30 that's not even how you spell " Schizophrenia " and also, I'm sure the mum's just joking around and being over dramatic for the fun of it.

It's a good strategy, and you seem well suited to it as a Hylian princess. Fake your death, go into hiding, and wait for Link to find you.

showmeyourears 19

Or better yet, disguise yourself as a man and follow your friend around, teaching her magical songs until she finds the book herself and you can reveal your identity.

Try having her run into a bookshelf. I did that once and the book I found led me to a sword and three medallions.

Last time I lost something my friend gave me I hid in Venezuela for 6 years, your mom is under reacting!

ChristianH39 30

By "something" do you mean cocaine and was this friend a drug Lord?

You better get running girl, your friend is gonna hunt you down. Pick somewhere and go. Might I suggest Nebraska, it's lovely this time of year

Nebraska is lovely never. Don't try to trick OP like that.

trellz17 19

I know that feeling all too well, when you lose something that doesn't belong to you. Sometimes depending on what it is faking your death does seem that bad.

well that's one way to solve the problem