By Anonymous - 29/11/2013 15:37 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I actually thought of faking my own death to get away from my girlfriend and her insane, overbearing family. FML
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How insane could a family be to make you think of faking a death? Sounds like hell.


Don't feel too bad OP. We've all been there.

Not to the point of trying to fake our death. Unless her father gave him a talking of what would happen if he broke her heart.

It's the DirectTV commercial! Make sure you attend the funeral.

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11, What type of people are you dating?

Zimmington 21

Obviously the way OP has to get out of this relationship is to become a world famous rapper, start a West coast vs. East coast feud, make political ties, get "killed" after escalating music biz violence, & quietly move to Cuba. Problem solved.

JMichael 25

What century do you live in #1? We live in one where no one explains their feelings anymore. They just do stupid shit to get out of relationships. And if you really don't like being around her OP then DUMP her. Don't be a dumbass and fake your own death.

Can't you get in serious trouble for faking your own death if you get caught?

67 ~No, I'm sure the cops that investigate his death, the IRS, and OP's insurance company would all think it's hilarious!~

incoherentrmblr 21

#21: When you pay too much for cable, you feel dejected. When you feel dejected, you need some comfort. When you need some comfort, you start a relationship. When you start a relationship, you spend time together over her family's house. When you spend holidays over her family's house, you feel overwhelmed by her overbearing parents. When you feel overwhelmed by her overbearing parents, you think about faking your own death. When you fake your own death, you attend your own funeral. Attend your own funeral...

How insane could a family be to make you think of faking a death? Sounds like hell.

Sounds like an intense slaughter house with graphic scenes but with loud annoying adults gathered around a table instead. Ran out of time to edit comment even though I had 40 seconds left. Nice.

peachesncreem 21

My friends ex faked her own death. She moved interstate back to her parents and got them in on it. My friend was devastated when they told him she died and the family didn't want him at her funeral. I don't know how he found out that she wasn't really dead, but it sent him into depression for a while. He's better now, but there are seriously insane assholes out there.

That kind is situation sounds like it would've hit your friend a lot harder, I'm glad your friend's okay! :D

1jordan1 11

Sometimes when I'm about to do something I don't want to do I get stressed and can't breathe and consider exaggerating it and pretending to have a panic attack so I can get out of it.

and people like you are the reason those of us with actual panic disorder are told we have panic attacks to get out of our responsibilities, that we are attention seekers and our illness isn't real.

panic attacks? meh who has time for those

1jordan1 11

People likes me aren't why you're attention seekers, attention seekers aren't why you're attention seekers. I've never actually done it, moron, so that response doesn't even make any sense.

hunts19ketchup 23

I would re-read your own post before accusing someone else of not making sense.

1jordan1 11

If you'd use some context clues and reasoning, it's pretty easy to figure out the obviously clear message I was trying to convey. I don't know why you need to be an ass for no reason. I don't understand people like you.

73, I tried several times to convey some sort of clear, obvious message out of that clusterfuck of nonsense that you typed but I, in all honesty, cannot even manage to do so.

1jordan1 11

That's really sad. I'm not going to fight with someone over the Internet. I find that really pathetic. Anyway, I'm sorry that you find it so difficult to understand basic English with one minor error, but I wish you the best of luck in your life. Thanks.

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If you've tried talking to her like an adult, then walk away. They pursue you, or harass you get a restraining order. Then they can deal with the insane, overbearing cops.

Maybe you should change your name and move to another country?

Rainhawk94 27

Go to Mexico and have ranch of chupacabras

Family around holidays. I can relate.

Or, ya know, you could break up with her or maybe even talk to her about her family if you want to be with her. That might be a tad but easier to explain in the long run than saying you experienced a miracle and came back to life

If I was in your shoes I would try the Peace Corps instead of death. 2 years away from them all would give you some perspective at least.