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Today, while working at Kohl's this woman came up to me and asked if I was Native American, I said yes, she then says "Oh! I thought you guys went extinct." This is the country I live in. FML
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omg... can you spell idiot.??

Idiat...nope I can't.


omg... can you spell idiot.??

Idiat...nope I can't.

It's spelled "idiot". And what else can't you do, besides spell and form a coherent sentence?

I wonder if she was a blonde


Jump up on the clothes rack and 360 tomahawk her ass!

Why would I spell idiot? And why are you asking me whether or not I can?

Do you ride polar bears too? Cause I do.

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it figures... our generation is paying for the retarded decisions of these fuck-ups. it all makes sense now. -.-

That is soooo usa....

who needs to know how to spell these days when you have google and spellcheck

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people like this make me ashamed to be american

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you know who should be ashamed to be Americans.... grammar nazis lol

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34 I find that offensive! everyone says we ride polar bears and live in igloos. it's horrible.

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Stimpy you eediyot! Should have roared a bellowing war cry and started chasing her as she ran. Then grab a dreamcatcher and tell her you will see her in her dreams. Also start up a casino.

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okay retard, he was kidding

man 1, your such an eedyut, Lyke omgawd dood nativez has like teepeez n stuffz

@65 You do live in an igloo. That is, unless you reside in an apartment complex. Igloo means "house" you moron. You shouldn't take offense to EVERY LITTLE THING. Hell, the natives here in Alaska joke about it. Grow a pair.

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Fuck you guys, especially the one who said they're ashamed to be an American. I for one am very proud to be living in America.

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67- your name is really ironic based on what you said...

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aermica is giong dwon hlil...i cnat say taht i am porud to be an aermiacn or not bceuase ervey cunorty has its porlbems and i am srue taht tehre is smoehting aobut eevry cunorty taht scuks...and i dontt really know wtf i am talking about...but this is for all of you nazis out there...enjoy xo hugs and all that fun shit

am i the only one that can easily read that?

I can't believe I understood 108...

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I'm pretty sure 8 was joking. get a sense of humor?

16, you IDIOT, I think you missed the joke 8 was trying to make. They misspelled it on purpose.

your an Eskimo?

your an Eskimo?

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WOW! are u kidding me that is one of the most ignorant things that I've ever heard somebody say.this lady needs to go back to school!

A note about 108's comment, unless you suffer from severe dyslexia you should be able to read it easily. It's been proven that so long as the first and last letters of a word remain the same the other letters can be completely jumbled and the word is still readable.

I tihnk dat if amecria has a prolbem its poeple woh CAN'T SPELL LIKE A LITERATE HUMAN BEING


116- There was actually an article I read about how most human brains can read the word as long as the first and last letters stay put. It's actually kinda cool.

The only problem I had was with the word country. That took me a few seconds to figure out... >.

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exactly! fuck-ups #1? the people who write the history books that are taught in public schools. like, uhhhh Columbus doesn't deserve credit for discovering something that was already Native Americans!!!

said the brainless joke with hot sister

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You should have introduced her to Chief Slapahoe.

98 are you very proud to own a shotgun and a dodge power wagon? DAT DURS A PURTY NAICE CURR U GOTS DER!! Jklol I am American too :p

Even if you are dislexic, you should be able to read that.

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Not shamed to be an American. I'm native American in fact. just ashamed of what people do to eachother and how ignorence and hatred are exalted in this country.

47- it is also why i look at the stereotypical american and shake my head

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sarcasm maybe durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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yes, ZoZo17

ignorant cunt

im sorry 166 but if you're going to complain about people's spelling you should look at your own spelling first

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116 Yes, as long as the first and last letters of the word are correct and as long as you have all the letters you need for the middle (no particular order) tehn you can unerdtsnad the stenacne qiute esaliy

well us white men certainly tried

Um Theravada people like that in every country?

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People are stupid

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It's the United States, you're surprised? Lmao

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People are really stupid. I am Native American and people find it shocking that such a thing exists.

lol 32 Canada isn't that much different. don't even bring up the health care crap.

your right, it's just that our students don't drop out in the 3rd grade.

32, the US is not the only place with ignorant people.

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32- Americans like that are the exception, not the rule. If you've never lived here, don't talk crap about us. There are plenty of bad things where you live.

I'm not saying America is terrible, but it IS the most hated country in the world overall. mostly due to stupid shot done by the army and government, sadly, because of this Americans are stereotyped as rude and ignorant people. most aren't, but in places like Cuba Americans are generally disliked.

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That's because Cuba's butthurt because we surrounded their tiny island in the Cold War. As for the "stupid shot" by the army, I wasn't aware that fighting Al Qaeda, a terrorist organization, was considered stupid. You people need to get your heads out of your asses.

mainly because americans cant get into Cuba

it's not just al queda, in which you trained and funded 6 million dollars in the late 90's, Osama being in the top 5 trained by the FBI, and yes Cuba is a bit butthurt about the missile crap. I'm canadian, I don't hate Americans except for the fucktards that don't no shot about us and think we live in igloos, but as you pointed out, countries like Iraq and Cuba do, although your intentions are good, it's kind of expected a country won't like you if you invade it.

HahaYDI 0

No one honestly thinks you all live in igloos. Yes I'd expect Cuba to hate us but Iraqis typically are grateful for what we're doing for them.

sorry, 6 billion* and it's a true fact it's funny how I'm Canadian and I know it and most Americans don't, al queda was funded 6 billion dollars and their agents, including osama, were trained by the FBI because at the time the US needed them to aid in another war conflict. osama was ranked 3rd in the top five trained agents.

89, that's mostly true, honestly I'm suprised al queda has not retaliated. but in the long run all of that situation is dealt with as of now

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We funded them to prevent the Russians from invading, which is exactly what happened. I really don't see where you're going with this.

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peole think u live in igloos? umm I'm from alaska and people ask me if I lived in a igloo all the time. based on movies they seen and a lot of movies they seen are not based in Alaska or shot in Alaska. most times they r in Canada.

actually it's was more of supporting team "anybody but russia!"

oh god, please dont make it sound like all Americas love war, some of us are actually properly shamed of the poor defense choices of our "leaders"

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several pieces of evidence are displayed on

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America is most hated country in the world? America is currently the world power, so they have a lot of influence naturally. But America has behaved better than any other world power in history. You think the Turks cared if you're offended by this bullshit "Cultural Imperialism?" you think Rome had a terrorist problem? The British Empire did not solve their disputes with diplomacy. It's very easy to criticize when you have no power. It's easy for Cuba to say what should be done even though they'd behave much worse with the same power. Even with it's immense power, America doesn't open fire on protestors, doesn't hang/burn/stone gays, or restrict access to the Internet or from leaving. Go live in a country like Iran or North Korea before you make such outrageous claims about America. The country isn't perfect, but they have a free and open press, protection of minorities, freedom of religion, equality of the sexes, etc. No other world power in HISTORY has behaved as well as the United States.

196.. America isn't "the" work power, she is one of the world powers, don't be arrogant.

world** not work*

89."What we're doing". Man you better be talking about NATO ISAF forces,Also the civvies in A'stan are also grateful. people are now walking the streets selling items, taxis are driving through, kids are playing in the streets. This was done by NATO ISAF forces, not just American. Now I'm talking about K'har. I can't say anything about the other provinces in A'stan. judging from your profile picture you're USMC, from your brothers up north, stay safe.

you just hatein cause we are so kick ass!

ok well he went bad and then we killed him so suck it

oh but it is our navy is the largest in the world. our air force has air dominance every were but two countries, Russia and north Korea, our army is one of the most high tech army's in the world, and we have the best trained speacial forces out there (marines are navy btw and some so that's not true but its been that way at least since ww2

32 and anyone who agrees with him- yes, Americans CAN be known to be stupid, but not all of them are. and btw- it is ILLEGAL to drop out of school in third grade to whoever said that. And a lot of other countries dislike us because we either shot them, or, truthfully, we're better than them and they're jealous. So just stop being assholes towards Americans and get your facts straight because you're telling us we're stupid with incorrect statements. I'm Italian-American, but I live in the USA now, so if you're gonna pretty much insult me and all other Americans, at least do it well. Thanks.

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it what you get for working at kohls lol

87. Wait..... Canadians dont live in igloos?

Correction, Americans are stupid.

post correction: 196: so being the world's most hated country is favorable? And stop bullshitting yourself, only reason you have such a massive armed force is BECAUSE if someone wanted to attack you, you have no link to any backup; no commonwealth country is gonna come save a separatist's ass. And don't even deny the fact that half your country is inbred hotshots who either own or have experience with a gun. War hungry, no. Obsessed with killing inferiors for status, yes.

especially the white ones haha there women like us better haha

so we should have commonwealth? i.e. we should have brutally and unrightfully taken over some else's country and forced them to adopt us as their "mother country"? and killing inferior status? what does that even mean? we kill minorities? nope. we kill people with other forms of government that don't threaten us? nope. we kill the poor? nope. research before you hate.

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#58, I don't know what backward-assed newspaper or show you were watching, but I've never heard of 3rd graders quiting school. It's not even legal.

UofLCardFan08 6

To #81: Love how that there are some countries that have husbands legally beating wives, regulate what you can look at on the internet, force women to cover their faces, put you in jail if you say bad things about their countire's leaders, and put homosexuals to death....but no, no, no, AMERICA is such a hated place.

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I'm Canadian and I have to say every country has there problems. I would hope most Americans on here would get off there high horse. Hardly peace keepers, Native Americans tribes were slaughtered by settlers. Middle eastern cities torn up by drones and missile fire looking for one person. The reason the rest of the world thinks you're war hungry is because your leaders. Your "boys" have friendly fired on allied countries killing my brother in the process. Maybe if you stopped and thought about the way your "making the world better," you'd realize how much you're destroying in the process. You're not making the world better, you're making the world better for US.

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Oh wow :/

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yeah this has actually happened to me before, but I was at school though :/

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hahaha I said the same thing to my Indian best friend when I was in the second grade.

Just another case of American ignorance: what they see valuable, they take without asking, add force of guns, then claim victory and add it to their trophy case.

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I don't get these kind of people! They are such freaking rude idiots.

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I think OP should have shot her through the heart with an arrow.

This comment might be the funniest thing I've ever read on fml.

KiddNYC1O 20

What what? In the butt?

You have a lame ass sense if humor then, just saying. My comment wasn't even funny.

You should have pulled out a tomahawk and scalped her.

Scalping came from the British.

ok mr.history expert. the native americans would scalp the patriots and bring them back to the British for proof of the killings in order to receive payment...

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i sleep with a tomahawk under my pillow

haha i toldily agree

Lol perfect comment.

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omg thats horrible!!

clearly the bitch was an idiot

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From one native to another this made my day, is this something thst city natives deal with cause I live in the country and never had that happen.

yes it is. they are scared I'll hurt them or scalp them.