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By  CharlieM78  |  9

If your "Playing the banjo" while driving your a moron and deserve everything that happens and anyone who thinks your life sucks needs to seriously reevaluate they're priorities. You could've hurt or killed somebody. Not only was that irresponsible and dangerous it was also stupid. If you can't wait to you get home to "play your banjo" then you have a serious problem. I know FML frowns upon negative comments but this needs to be said.

  immaloser95  |  28

#7 you need to reevaluate your grammar. I agree, OP was being irresponsible, but hey were not "playing the banjo", they were listening to a banjo. Please reread the FML.

  iShanny  |  13

Read the username. I don't think he was playing "HIS" banjo, so to speak. I think it's more likely he was jamming to some Mumford and Sons.