By mumfordandsonimdisappointed - 29/08/2015 05:09 - United States

Today, I had to explain to my dad how I rear-ended the car in front of me because of a particularly intense banjo solo. FML
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Is that a euphemism for 'excessive masturbation'?

Your dad should understand, because banjos are fucking awesome


Your dad should understand, because banjos are fucking awesome

friedpwnadge 25

I voted both on this one.

Would you like a prize #20????

#1, took the words right out of my mouth.

Would you like the biggest douche of the year award #23?

Especially since it was Mumford and Sons!

It was worth it

Is that a euphemism for 'excessive masturbation'?

incoherentrmblr 21

Dave Matthews Band - Crash.

try to convert it into duet

Psycocharger 19

Maybe you can play Banjo on the streets to make money to fix it ;)

Not if that was an euphemism for masturbation...

although I haven't heard this one before...I can't stand drivers who are distracted by the dumb shit they do while driving.

If your "Playing the banjo" while driving your a moron and deserve everything that happens and anyone who thinks your life sucks needs to seriously reevaluate they're priorities. You could've hurt or killed somebody. Not only was that irresponsible and dangerous it was also stupid. If you can't wait to you get home to "play your banjo" then you have a serious problem. I know FML frowns upon negative comments but this needs to be said.

"You're* a moron"

DMA0712 22

R.I.P. #7

Fair enough caught my bad grammar good job

#7 you need to reevaluate your grammar. I agree, OP was being irresponsible, but hey were not "playing the banjo", they were listening to a banjo. Please reread the FML.

Wow is that what you really believe? I'm stunned I have no words go sit in the corner.

He has to explain to his parents which means he's a kid. What do kids do? They don't get that excited over banjos that's for sure.

iShanny 13

Read the username. I don't think he was playing "HIS" banjo, so to speak. I think it's more likely he was jamming to some Mumford and Sons.

My bet is that it was Coleman Hell- 2 Heads. I love that one, and the Banjo is wicked.

My first thought was that he was listening to Mumford and Sons.

It's cool you were able to think differently from everyone else, but you're stupid for believing it. @charlie

I completely agree, and anyone who doesn't see the complete idiocy of paying an instrument behind the wheel doesn't deserve a license, or a vote. idiots

@29 That's my favorite song. I would probably crash a car to it, honestly.

he wasn't playing an instrument behind the wheel. you go sit in the corner!

that solo was note worthy. next time be careful and get out of the situation with no strings attached.

olpally 32

Way to go... Smh.

DMA0712 22

Dedicate your next solo to your Dad, I'm sure he will be impressed.