By Anonymous - 1/9/2020 04:57 - Germany


Today, I explained to my boyfriend that I want to get my tubes tied, because I don’t want kids and can’t stand the fear of getting pregnant by accident, despite contraception, which has happened before. He summarized: “So, the main point is to preserve your fertility, right?” Wrong. FML
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By  Taylor Caldwell  |  10

It’s your body, you should make the decision you want. Seeing that he is just a boyfriend there’s probably a good chance there will be more so don’t let the man you’re with at a point in time decide such a huge important decision.

By  Yummi_913  |  15

Unfortunately you're going to have a hard time finding a doctor who will do it for you unless you're over 35, and your "husband" signs off on it because "what if he wants kids?" and "what if you change your mind?". Because apparently women aren't allowed to have a say about their own body and future.

By  coius  |  23

As a man in the US, I agree whole heartedly that it is 100% your decision to make. If the boyfriend is adamant about having kids, he can either knock-off or go find someone else willing to sow his offspring. As long as this is what you want, he should have no say.

By  xbaconator9000x  |  16

Question for OP:
Does your partner want kids? Because that sort of selective hearing/interpretation seems to indicate that he is rationalizing things pretty hard to make it so that you two are (to him) on the same page. Hearing what he wants to hear sort of thing.