By Zekrome - Canada - Markham
  Today, I started going on and on about dogs and their different types of breed, behaviours, expectancy, etc. When someone asked me how I know all this stuff, I meant to say, "I fucking love animals", I didn't think it through and said, "I love fucking animals". FML
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  Axel5238  |  29

Do as they say not as they do. Really though OP if you can't say love animals without saying fuck eh.. you might want to reconsider your vocabulary.

  Razell  |  13

Actually they are!

Profanity is any religious-based imprecatory word e.g. Hell, damn, Gorblimey, etc. ("Damn", by the way, is the sincere wish that the person or object be consigned to everlasting torment under the eternal displeasure of God.)

Obscenity is any scatological or physiological-based imprecatory word, e.g. fuck, shit, dick, etc.

Curses are any wish for misfortune to befall the target of one's imprecations.

Words like crap and darn and heck are Bowdlerized "child-safe" versions of profanities and obscenities.

In the context of the FML, of course, "fucking" is used as a verbal intensifier akin to "truly" or "dearly", only more obscene.

If you don't know what "imprecation" and "imprecatory" mean, the dictionary is your friend and can expand your vocabulary to the point where "fucking" is not the only verbal intensifier you know!

  Amanyyyyyy  |  29

126- If you think "heck" is "child safe"... You should probably know it was originally meant to be a cross between "hell" and "fuck."

  sunshineb81  |  16

#82 husband and I thought the same thing. We decided that this face
At the end if a text means sarcasm for us. Really helps us anyway. Someone definitely should start a universal sign for sarcasm in text.

  cakefete2  |  30

I remember that shirt. That's the one that said "doggy style" on the back right? We need to take OP shopping for a new wardrobe. That'll clear up the misunderstandings.