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  Cilleemaan  |  4

True, if they were married, the boyfriend/husband wouldn't have been so freaked out about this.

But he would be getting freaked out about other similar things in life.

Do you really want to live with a guy who 1) doesn't take precautions against unwanted events and 2) cannot handle unwanted events.

If you stay together, getting pregnant "accidentally" is not going to be the last unwanted event in your lives.

But since there is a child involved, maybe go for counseling. He could benefit from some "cognitive behavior therapy".

By  chottu  |  16

I really feel for you OP, the father of your child is acting like a child :(
Tell him he needs to approach this situation with maturity because if he thinks that he can get away with hiding a kid from his parents he's not showing the responsibility that a soon to be father needs to have.

  chlorinegreen  |  27

He's acting like a child!?! He probably IS A CHILD!! Lol I mean he can't even tell his parents because he will get in trouble. I'm 22 and not pregnant, and if I got pregnant I wouldn't be in trouble but would be looked down upon more then anything.

  chottu  |  16

I'm a big believer in taking responsibility of your actions. He's 20, the moment he turned 18 he ceased being a minor and became an adult. He engaged in a (debatably) "adult" activity and got her pregnant. If he was adult enough to get her pregnant he should be man enough to hold his head up high and tell his parents.
I guarantee his parents will have a more positive reaction than if they find out their son is hiding a grandchild somewhere and thinks he can get away with it.