By anonymous - 19/07/2012 23:56 - United States - La Verne

Today, I searched our neighborhood for our lost dog. After screaming at the top of our lungs, driving around in circles, and asking strangers, we realized we took him to the groomers this morning. FML
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Don't have kids. You will probably leave the baby on the bus. ;)

And what did you learn? ;) It's good you didn't actually lose your dog though.


Does anyone else get angry when someone starts their comment with "lol"?

Kind of. But I got really angry that he got top comment. Seriously, and he has -4 thumbs.

Is FML really just about first comments and thumbs? There has to be more than that... Right?... Right???...

It's a measure of self worth. Without the thumbs up we shrivel up in devastation. But in all honesty I don't get the top comment hype. Maybe someone who has gone through the experience can share what's so gratifying about it? =O

Maybe it's a human (or more of a male thing)? It's kind of like... Climbing to the top of mount Everest in a race, sticking both middle fingers in the air and pissing over the peak? And then shouting "YEAH FIRST!!!" or some other psychological reason...

^Probably right, or it's pretty much a small accomplishment similar to getting an FML posted on this site. But hey, thumbs on this site are nothing but a number. First comments on the other hand, clichéd, overused, or pretty simple and boring comment are usually frowned upon here.

I think the hype about being first comment is the fact that everybody will see your comment & will most likely respond making them feel cool. I could be wrong but it's just a theory of mine.

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Personaly i think it's the being noticed part. Oh and then there's that splendid feeling of getting many thumbs up(s)(?)

I thought being first just meant you were the first to comment.

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I would actually consider this a "WIN".. It would have been a failure if it would have been the way around.. Going to the groomers to pick him up and remembering you lost him... ;) My doggie past away a few days ago.. So I was thrilled to read you still have yours.

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I suppose it's subconsciously a race to 'win' first. So much has been made of the first comment on various Internet sites and forums, that people have glorified having that first comment. I think it's a part of the subconscious primitive desire to conquer the best things, to own, possess, the highest of the high in order to be admired. In the days of cavemen, no one would settle for second best and strived to be the greatest. These instincts have stuck with humans, though of course have adapted to suit the society of today. Of course, there is nothing special about the first comment. It's just been built up into this huge thing, and now human instincts have turned it into something desirable.

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54...that's what I thought as well. Guess we are both wrong. who knew?

And what did you learn? ;) It's good you didn't actually lose your dog though.

11- I'm not completely sure if you're suggesting people should thumb up my comment, ignore my comment, or punch me in the face with spiked knuckles ---> ^^^^ . O.o Can I pick, A, final answer.....?

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Of i remember correctly... The ' ^^^ ' means that you agree with the person above.

GovernorGeneral 8

If i remember ** Not Of. Sorry.

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Have you heard of the date-rape drug?

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Well.. At least you care that much about your dog. That's always good :)

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What did you guys smoke this time?

If your heads were not attached you would loose them too.

Not to be rude but this is eating away at me. Loose = "Damn she was so loose I couldn't finish." I think the correct word you're looking for is Lose. I hope they aren't blonde, this would make a epic joke.

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I'm surprised it wasn't just the OP who had forgotten about taking the dog to the groomers. You guys either love this dog unconditionally for searching for so long or don't give enough of a damn about him to know where he is.

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I read that in Kung Fu Panda's voice

Po, you need to be training! Not screwing around on the Internet!

Nice try, but no... Props for spelling "you're" correctly though...

Care to explain why 6? I think its out of forgetfulness and not stupidity. Some people confuse the two and I can't figure out why...

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What a ******* tard You even drove around screaming and the dog was at the groomers how ******* dumb are you

65- When you hit the reply button to a comment, you're actually supposed to be replying to their comment. Not the actual FML. There's another button for that.

the420estguy, there's this old saying that applies to you: "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". Your 2 comments here are screaming "I'm a giant Dick here".

Don't have kids. You will probably leave the baby on the bus. ;)

And that baby will grow up into the local bus hobo we all know and love.

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Maybe you shouldn't have any pets... Or kids.